Hayes Performance Systems Introduces New Enduro Fork, Shock, Wheels AND Brakes

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New Performance Products from Manitou, SUNringlé, Hayes and ProTaper MTB

For the 2020 model year (yes, it’s only May…) Hayes Performance Systems, which includes the Manitou, SUNringlé and ProTaper MTB brands, will be launching a swag of new products aimed at the enduro crowd.

For Manitou there’s a brand new fork chassis called the Mezzer, as well as a new piggyback-equipped rear shock called the Mara Pro that’s designed to be user tuneable and rebuildable. SUNringlé indulges in some nostalgia with the return of the Super Bubba hubs, along with a new Duroc wheelset. Hayes gets in on the action with a new twin-piston version of the well regarded Dominion brake, and ProTaper adds in some cockpit options.

As a complete package, the new Enduro Collection looks pretty darn solid. So let’s take a closer gander at the details eh?

Hayes Performance
The new Manitou Mezzer Pro

Manitou Mezzer Fork

With 140-180mm of travel across both 27.5in and 29in versions, the Mezzer is a burly enduro fork that slots into the Manitou lineup above the existing Mattoc. The Mattoc is already a top performer, albeit one that’s a bit of a sleeper product amongst a market dominated by the Fox 36 and RockShox Pike & Lyrik.

In order to raise the bar and grab some headlines along the way, Manitou’s engineers were tasked with a challenge – build a fork with best-in-class stiffness, but bring it on or under 2kg. Easy right?

manitou mezzer fork mudguard fender Hayes Performance
Bolt-on mudguard – sweet!

To do this, they upsized the stanchion diameter over the existing Mattoc fork from 35mm to 37mm. Along with the classic Reverse Arch magnesium lowers and bolt-thru axle, Manitou states the Mezzer is 28% stiffer than the competition (that’d be the Fox 36 and RockShox Lyrik then). And yet it still comes in at bang-on 2kg for the 27.5in fork with an uncut steerer. Impressive.

There’ll be two offsets available for each wheelsize: 37mm & 44mm (27.5in), and 44mm & 51mm (29in). The Mezzer will only come with Boost lowers and a 15mm diameter Hexlock SL axle.

Inside you’ll find the Dorado air spring assembly and the Infinite Rate Tune (IRT) design. This creates a secondary adjustable air spring, which provides you with independent control of the fork’s beginning and end stroke. Travel is internally adjustable in 10mm increments from 140-180m.

You also get externally adjustable low-speed rebound damping, as well as low and high-speed compression damping.

Hayes Performance
The new Mara Pro

Manitou Mara Pro Shock

Manitou has been a little quiet on the rear shock front, but the brand aims to address this with the brand new Mara Pro.

Designed in conjunction with the new Mezzer fork, the Mara Pro is a big ol’ air shock that features a long reservoir with thread-in shim stacks, which are designed to make things both easy to service and fine-tune by the budding home mechanic.

Hayes Performance
Party mode!

There are adjustments galore on the Mara Pro, with adjustable low-speed rebound damping (still confusingly a blue dial) as well as independently adjustable low and high-speed compression damping.

A separate damping circuit is controlled by a two-position red lever that allows the rider to flick between ‘Work’ and ‘Party’ modes. This lever restricts oil flow in the Work mode to increase climbing efficiency.

sunringle super bubba hub Hayes Performance
They’re back!

SUNringlé Düroc Pro Wheel & Super Bubba Hubs

In something of a flashback to a past that many Singletrack readers will remember fondly (or less so), SUNringlé is bringing back the Bubba and Super Bubba name with a new hubset that comes loaded with Clock’d Technology. This is a novel system that sees two separate ratchet rings and two pawl arrays that allow for two different levels of engagement. Change the clocking internally to switch between 4° or 8° engagement.

Hayes Performance
The all new SUNringlé Düroc Pro.

Built around the new Super Bubba hubs is the SUNringlé Düroc Pro wheelset. These are laced with Wheelsmith butted straight-pull steel spokes (these are listed as ‘artisan steel spokes’ in the press release, but I just couldn’t bring myself to write that) and are built onto the Düroc 35mm welded alloy rims with a 31mm internal rim width.

Hayes Performance
The new Dominion A2

Hayes Adds Twin-Piston Dominion A2 Brakes

We were really impressed with the Hayes Dominion A4 brakes we reviewed, and Hayes is looking to build on the success of its quad-piston enduro brake with a new twin-piston version called the A2.

Up top, the master cylinder is exactly the same. You get a textured alloy lever blade, a tool-free adjustable reach dial, and sealed cartridge bearings to keep things nice and smooth. Speaking of the levers, Hayes will be offering the Dominion A2 and A4 with a new short reach, narrow width lever specifically designed to address the needs of riders with smaller hands.

At the other end of the hydraulic hoses is a new two-piston calliper that will be a little less powerful than the A4, and better suited to trail riding. Weight drops a whole 7g per end, so the difference is more about braking feel than outright grams.

Hayes Performance
ProTaper 35mm bar and stem combo

ProTaper MTB 35mm Handlebar & Stem

Joining the Enduro Collection is the new ProTaper MTB bar and stem, which sees a 35mm diameter alloy handlebar joining the existing carbon bars. ProTaper is also rolling out new lock-on grips to complete the package.

For more information about the new Enduro Collection, head to http://www.hayesbicycle.com/

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