Alpinestars Trail Attack Heads to Antur Stiniog

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We’ve just heard that Alpinestars’ popular ‘It’s a knockout/devil take the hindmost/battle to the death’ downhill trail racing event will return at the end of June. And this time the venue moves from Hamsterley to a new venue of Antur Stiniog in North Wales on Sunday, 30th of June. And this time, there’s uplift!

Don’t get carried away, you’ve got four hours…
Unlike last year’s race, at least there aren’t many trees to avoid at Antur Stiniog… there’s also a lift to the top.

Here’s how the Alpinestars Trail Attack works:

  • The field of up to 300 riders will have four hours to get in as many runs as they can to set their single fastest time.
  • After this session the field will be cut by half with fastest 150 riders progressing to the next heat where the slate is wiped clean.
  • After a further 90 minutes the top 32 riders will then compete in one last timed run down the trail for the chance to be crowned Alpinestars MTB Trail Attack Champion 2019.

Uplift – even if you’re no longer racing…
In addition, this year there’ll be no riding back up the hill as Antur Stiniog’s excellent uplift service will deliver you back to the start, fresh and ready to rip again. Plus, those who are eliminated will still be able to use the uplift to explore the other trails on offer at this fantastic venue (Uplift priority will go to those still competing).

Enduro face is mandatory (as is a full face in the event). Beards of enduro are optional…
Prizes, trophies AND schwag too…

Every rider who registers and races will receive a complimentary Alpinestars T-shirt and will be in with a chance of winning some of the freshest Alpinestars kit in their respective age and gender categories. And, as the organisers are keen to point out, this is the only race being held at Antur this year, so is great opportunity for people to put in some flat out trail time.

Here’s a preview of the 2019 course at Antur Stiniog

MTB Trail Attack will be organised and managed by Focal Events and will take place across the Wild Cart and Bendy-G trails. Live timing for each individual trail and the full run will show where you stand as the cut off times approach.

It’s also a chance to spend the day riding bikes with your mates.

So, get ready for a day of flat out racing with your friends, competing against your own best time, your mates’ times and everyone else who makes the cut as you battle it out to be crowned Alpinestars MTB Trail Attack Champion 2019. It’s open to riders over 16, and full-face helmets are mandatory for the event.

Categories are as follow:

–       Male: M 16-29 | M 30-44 | M 45+

–       Female: W 16-29 | W 30-44 | W 45+

–       Plus award for overall fastest time.

Head over to to find out more and register.

Direct link to registration:

Video of last year’s event at Hamsterley can be found here:


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