YT Industries Body Bag converts your bike box to a travel bag

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YT Industries Bag Solution

If you have ever traveled by plane with your bike then you’ll already have been through the dilemma of how you should pack and protect your bike. Bike bag OR Bike Box?

On one hand, a dedicated bike bag might be the best solution, after all, they are designed to protect your bike, have wheels for easy transportation, plus you’re guaranteed a bunch of funny looks while dragging it through the airport. Expensive though aren’t they?

On the other hand, the bike box that your bike arrived in might be a better option. It might not look all that secure but chances are it was good enough to ship your bike halfway around the world, plus it’s free. Problem is, a bike box isn’t that easy to drag about, and they’re not very water resistant.

If only there was a combination of the two…

yt body bag
Bike box + bike bag = YT Body Bag

Actually, there is. YT Industries has released the YT Body Bag, a fold up, water-resistant bag that slips over your current cardboard bike box. The YT Body Bag has built-in wheels, ergonomic carry handles, a lockable zipper for security and even ships with a TSA lock.

yt body bag
The body bag come with a YT branded lock for security.

When not in use the Body Bag can be folded up and stored in it’s included storage bag, so as long as you don’t mind collapsing your cardboard box when it’s not in use this solution should take up much less room at home than the usual dedicated bike bag.

YT’s website states that the Body Bag is designed for use with YT Bike Boxes, but as long as the box you have doesn’t exceed 35 x 90 x 134cm, we can’t see why you shouldn’t be able to use it with other brand’s boxes too.

YT Industries Body Bag Features

  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Internal width 35 cm x height 90 cm x length 134 cm
  • Sliding name and contact information tag
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Ergonomic carrying handle on the front
  • Two handles for easy carriage on each side
  • Reinforced base and corners
  • Sealed bearing replaceable wheels
  • Internal straps for securing bike box
  • Lockable zipper
  • TSA lock included
  • Separate storage bag included (67 x 54.5 cm)
  • Price: £108.90
yt body bag
The included storage bag means you can pack the Body Bag away neatly when not in use.

At £108.90 the YT Body bag is hardly cheap, but it does cost less than an equivalent bike bag from the likes of EVOC. For more information head on over to the YT website.

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