The 2020 Fox 32 Step-Cast fork is now as stiff as a 34

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Today, Fox Racing Shox launches its new 2020 Fox 32 Step Cast fork. By adding just 30g of weight over the previous model, Fox has apparently made the new 2020 32 SC as stiff as the current 34 fork.

It’s still a purpose-built XC fork though. It only comes in 100mm travel and is aimed at the highest level of cross country World Cup racing.

2020 Fox 32 SC Fork
It’s still the same skinny-looking fork though now it can keep up with the bigguns.

2020 Fox 32 Step-Cast Fork Specs

  • New redesigned chassis for 2020 increases stiffness over 2019 version
  • Factory Series & Performance Series models available
  • Wheelsize: 27.5in and 29in options
  • 32mm diameter alloy stanchions (Kashima on Factory Series models)
  • 100mm travel only
  • EVOL air spring w/larger negative air spring
  • FIT4 damper w/Open-Medium-Firm compression settings
  • Also available with a bar mounted lockout
  • Low-speed compression damping (in Open mode)
  • Adjustable low-speed rebound damping
  • Tapered alloy steerer tube
  • One-piece magnesium lowers using Step-Cast construction
  • Boost & non-Boost spacing available
  • Lightweight Kabolt thru-axle
  • Offset: 44mm and 51mm
  • Claimed weight: 3.06lb/1.38kg
fox 32SC 2020 xc racing
This isn’t 1998 XC racing anymore, and the Fox 32 had to keep up.

The fork has been slightly squared off in places, but otherwise looks similar to the previous SC (Step Cast fork). The fork was already reasonably stiff for a super light fork with 32mm stanchions, weighing in at 3.06lb/1.38kg but it can now compete with the chunkier 34.

2020 fox stepcast sc32
The Kabolt – named after racer Geoff Kabush who first swapped QR for fixed axle in races.

The Fox Kabolt is still there – a tool-only axle. It’s lighter than Fox’s regular quick-release thru-axle, and it’s not like XC racers have to fix their own punctures these days anyway – and the mechanics in the pits all have power tools.

2020 Fox 32 SC Fork
The Step Cast bit keeps the fork legs narrow while leaving room for rotors.

The fork will come in both 27.5in and 29in versions. And in two different offsets for each fork – 44mm and 51mm.

There will be two models – the Factory in Factory Orange, with Kashima coated stanchions, and the Performance model, in a natty all black.

2020 Fox 32 SC Fork
Big rock gardens are a part of modern cross country racing
2020 Fox 32 SC Fork
The crown is a touch chunkier for stiffness, while the rest is very similar to the previous fork.
2020 Fox 32 SC Fork
Here’s the Performance model in a less ‘look at me’ all black.

You can read about the new Fox 32 Step Cast fork at the Fox website:


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