Specialized Women’s Power Comp MIMIC Saddle – ‘I don’t even notice it’

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The Specialized Women’s Power Comp saddle with MIMIC technology ain’t no gimmick, and has been awarded a Singletrack Recommended award from a rider that can find almost anything to complain about when it comes to pedalling. Read on to find out how Amanda has relieved her saddle soreness.

There could never be a women’s specific saddle review that confidently states that it is a comfortable saddle. It’s purely subjective, everyone is a different shape, weight and size, so in this case I’ll tell you about me and my behind. I have what my mother calls ‘thunder thighs’, and (as Hannah kindly described) a ‘generously proportioned sitting department’… I have a big wide ass. However that doesn’t necessarily mean I have wide sit bones, which are the important factor in choosing the right saddle.

A very shapely saddle


Here at Singletrack we like to keep things real, so instead of taking myself off to get my saddle fit measured with all expenses paid, I sat on a piece of foil on the stairs, legs at 90 degrees, and rolled around a bit. It turns out that all this padding I have is hiding some relatively narrow sit bones. So I provided my scientific measurement to Specialized and received a 143mm Women’s Power Comp Mimic Saddle.

High tech

The saddle is available in three sizes, 143mm, 155mm and 168mm.

What’s going on in there?

The Specialized Women’s Power Comp with MIMIC is the entry level saddle from the Mimic range. Featuring hollow Cr-Mo rails, medium density foam for cushioning without losing that feeling of contact with the bike, and a patented body geometry design. When compared to the top of the range Mimic saddle, all the design aspects that are essential for comfort are the same, but the high end model features carbon shell and rails.

So what is MIMIC? This is the technology Specialized claims can reduce pressure on sensitive areas whilst providing the structural support needed for blood flow. This is achieved with a multi-layer design of different foams. The main shell features a cut-out that is filled with flexible, concave thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to prevent swelling. That’s roughly where your flower will be. The bulk of the main layer is firm foam on the largest portion of the saddle, which provides an actual seat with the structural integrity needed to hold a person. The front of the main layer is a softer foam to prevent putting too much pressure on you. To finish, a small layer of memory foam creates a cushion for sensitive tissue.

Very squishy, always bounces back

The first thing I noticed about the saddle is how satisfying it is to press down in the centre. You really can feel (and see) the memory foam working before having even sat on it. Turning the saddle over reveals that flexible TPU layer, which feels reassuringly durable for an exposed layer of plastic.

Short and sweet
TPU layer is visible underneath

The Ride

Let me start by telling you that with this saddle, a 4000ft Calderdale Epic doesn’t make me wince in pain. It doesn’t make me do the bum-shuffle, that one we’ve all done to find the last area of skin that isn’t throbbing in pain… It doesn’t bother me at all.

Slight wear on the rails, proof I’ve done plenty of riding

You’ll notice that the saddle is short and wide, which I found gave it minimal contact with the areas that would usually hurt. The seat area is large enough to support most of the weight, and the front doesn’t really add any pressure as it’s just the right amount of squishy.

Padded all the way down

The sides are shaped downwards to avoid rubbing or nipping your thighs, and the padding covers the entire side for the same purpose. It’s just comfortable and non-invasive, and feels the same after four hours as it does the moment you set off.


I could review this saddle in one sentence: I don’t notice it. That’s the dream, right? So, as uncomfortable as it may be to talk about saddle soreness, leave the discomfort behind with a well fitted saddle, and in my opinion I would take saddle construction seriously. Check that the firm foam that provides the saddle structure isn’t used throughout, because your labia aren’t as resistant as your ass cheeks.

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Brand: Specialized
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Price: £84
Tested: by Amanda for 5 months
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