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Maribor DH WC Junior Results: Vali Holl and Thibaut Daprela take Junior wins

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Junior riders for both YT and Commencal take the win in the first round of the UCI DH World Cup!

Vali Holl has stormed through the finish line at Maribor to take the first win of the season in the women’s junior, while Commencal rider Thibaut Daprela takes the win in the junior men.

Junior Women Results Maribor

  1. Vali Holl: 3:35.775
  2. Anna Newkirk: +9.943
  3. Mille Johnset: +10.110
  4. Lauryne Chappaz: +34.350
  5. Ottilia Johansson Jones: +39.631

Junior Men Results Maribor

  1. Thibaut Daprela: 3:05.557
  2. Ethan Shandro: +3.041
  3. Kye A’Hern: +4.266
  4. Lucas Cruz: +6.254
  5. Goncalo Bandeira: +8.289

Full finishing list and results below. Keep posted for results for elite riders later today.

Maribor Junior Women results 209 DH WC.
Maribor Junior Women results 2019 DH WC.
Maribor Junior men results 2019 DH WC.
Maribor Junior men results 2019 DH WC.

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