How To ‘Fix’ Your Spongy Reverb Dropper Post In Under 2 Minutes

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When my spongy Reverb Dropper is driving me nuts on the trail, this two minute hack gets me rolling again.

Maybe you’ve grabbed your saddle and lifted your bike. Oops. Or maybe your Reverb Dropper has just mysteriously developed a bit of spongy squish. It happens to us all. Not a problem when you’re stood up and plummeting down, but when it comes to pedalling it can drive you crazy.

We have the answer – whether it’s just a 1cm squish that’s messing with your saddle height, or a full on unrideable flopper of a dropper, this quick fix will have you rolling again in no time.

Video: How To Fix Your Spongy Reverb In Under 2 Minutes

How To ‘Fix’ Your Spongy Reverb Dropper Without Tools!

Step 1 – with your spongy dropper extended as far as it will go in its squishy state, turn your bike upside down. Watch out for any computers or attachments on your bars!

Step 2 – hold your actuator in and push on your bottom bracket to fully depress your dropper post. Release the actuator.

Step 3 – turn you bike the right way up.

Step 4 – press your actuator to extended your dropper fully.

Pop! You should now have a dropper post without squish! Magic!

This will be a temporary fix for your spongy Reverb – you might even need to do this a few times on a single ride – but it’s such a quick and easy solution that it’s very little trouble to do.

How to fix your Spongy Reverb Dropper
If you’ve got an actuator like this, careful when you turn your bike upside down!

Of course, a full bleed and service will likely fix the problem in the longer term. Or, maybe you want to invest in a new dropper? Check out all our dropper post reviews right here.

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