Video | The Unsung Heroes of Brendog & Olly Wilkins

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Yes, it’s an advert. But it’s an advert with Brendog and Olly Wilkins in it, so that’s a plus. And they do crank flips, and a ridiculous gap jump, so they get an extra point for that. And, it’s an advert for DMR AXE LE Cranks, which claim to ‘have the strength needed for the biggest DH hits.’ Since our Andi has now crashed and bent two different sets of cranks (how does he do that?!) maybe he should consider investing in some of these.

We bet you can’t not wince as they practice crank flips. Give your shins a comforting stroke.

Tricks aside, the trails look fun too (so much dust!), there’s a nice soundtrack, and we quite enjoy hearing an English accent. Are the subtitles there so you can watch it in silence on a phone at work, or so that Americans can understand the southern English voices?

Probably the best pic of a crank you’ll find.


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