Marin Mount Vision Returns After Two Years – And What A Difference!

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marin mount vision singletrack magazine 2019
The Mount Vision 9

The Marin Mount Vision has been in the range, well, about as long as Marin has been around (and that’s a mighty long time…) But keen eyes will have noticed that the previous Mount Vision had slipped silently from sight in 2017.

The return of the Mount Vision

Well, it’s been out of view, pumping up and remaking itself into a bigger, badder version of itself. The Mount Vision is dead. Long live the Mount Vision! The new 27.5in wheeled bike is ‘all mountain and enduro focussed’ according to Marin and has a completely new suspension system that you’ll have previously seen on the 29er Wolf Ridge. It’ll take tyres up to 2.6in and is designed to be an all round, rough and tough trail machine.

marin mount vision singletrack magazine 2019
An integral mudguard keeps things clean(er)
marin mount vision singletrack magazine 2019
The Mount Vision 9. 150mm travel front and rear.

What’s new?

The new Mount Vision features the Naild R3ACT-2PLAY system that offers 150mm of rear travel, to match the 150mm fork. This system promises the magic combo of being both reactive to small bumps, cushioning over big bumps and immune to pedal feedback.

Angles are a very contemporary 65°/75° and the reach too is very ‘today’ with reaches of 453mm (M), 471mm (L) and 493 (XL). There’s room for a water bottle in the frame AND the Large and XL have room for TWO bottles…

marin mount vision singletrack magazine 2019
The other Mount Vision 9 colour. That BB shell has a beefy skidplate to ease those worries.

All bikes get 35mm, regardless of size, full bearing shields and a GRP skidplate for the bottom bracket. All up weight is claimed to be ‘sub 30lbs’

The Mount Vision 8 will come in at £5200 with the top end Mount Vision Pro being £8700.

marin mount vision singletrack magazine 2019
The ‘entry level’ MV8 – if a carbon bike can be entry level.

We have a side to side test lined up soon where we’ll get to try the new 27.5 Mount Vision against its big wheeled cousin, the Wolf Ridge, so stay tuned!

Bikes should be starting to appear in dealers in the next week, so get on a demo and see if the system lives up to the hype.

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    Everyone else is trying to make their electric bikes look like ordinary ones whereas Marin…

    That is Maximum Fugly!

    What an absolute dogs dinner! As Dogbone says, looks like an Ebike when it isn’t…

    Oh. My.
    And I’m Marin owner.
    Is it me, or does the paint job accentuate some of the issues…?
    Also, how the hell is that seat tube angle 75*?

    Jesus! It’s like an Orange and a Halfords special had a lovechild.

    I can’t say I’ve ever found any of Marin’s bikes attractive, but that’s a new low. Bravo.

    “Also, how the hell is that seat tube angle 75*?”

    Ignore the seat tube and draw a line between the saddle and BB 🙂

    £5200 or £8700
    Keeping it real

    They must have some really hefty ugly sticks in Marin County to be able to make any bike look that carp.

    I’m ooot.

    holy crap that’s hideous

    When the bikes appear in the dealers, can you make an announcement, just so I can remember to have my peril-sensing sunglasses on hand for the next time I make the mistake of stumbling into a Marin dealer?

    As commented before, at what seat height is the theoretical seat angle measured at, as the higher/lower you go the angle alters. Mingling bike non the less.

    I was looking at the similar Attack Trail a few weeks ago in Winstanleys Bikes – they look good in the flesh IMO – fascinating to look at and squish to watch the suspension action

    I’m not normally over concerned by bike looks but deck me that’s a munter

    I’m sorry, but no, just no. It could be the best ride in the world, but no. Aesthetics has a place, even i the pursuit of function.

    At least if you are sitting on it you can’t see it. Proper minger. Ebike version is unimaginable…

    Is it April the 1st?

    Its the dealers I feel sorry for

    Maybe we’re missing in Calderfornia what they’re ‘getting’ in California. I’m trying hard, but I just can’t see what. Maybe it’s the ‘flood alert rain’ what’s done it.

    If it rides well & it’s reliable then great!

    I seriously doubt it’s as good as my Starling though..!

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