Leatt’s New Goggles Are Bulletproof, And That’s Not Even The Best Bit!

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More conservative colours are available…


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All the colours

Today, Leatt has added to its range of protective gear with some new DH/Enduro/Motocross goggles called the Velocity 6.5. They have been designed from the ground-up with several neat features.

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Clear lens and a load of other tints too

There are nine lenses available – from 20-83% light transmission (plus clear, which are 100%). The lens design is interesting in that it is a ‘dual pane’ double glazed lens. The outer lens is bulletproof (and Leatt will happily show you a video of a goggle being shot at point blank with a .22 rifle.) and the inner lens is made of an anti-fog material, which isn’t just a coating that might wear off in time.

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Explody protection!

For riding in bad weather, there are tear-offs or a roll-off strip available. A total of 17 different coloured frame combos offer a huge range of colours to match your outfits.

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‘Look into the distance!’

The field of view is an impressive 170°. The lenses clip out very easily and can be swapped in seconds between clear and mirrored, or polarised and, thanks to some clever thinking, the inner foam frame clips out entirely so that you can chuck it in the washing machine without having to put the whole goggle frame in there. That, as any sweaty-goggle owner can attest, is definitely the best bit. Normally, you’d have to stick the whole goggle frame in the washing machine (or a bucket) to clean it, but with this, you can snap off the foam and wang it in the washer.

leatt, goggles, bikeconnectionwinter2019
Other colours are available…
leatt, goggles, bikeconnectionwinter2019
Lens swapping is a simple affair

Prices are going to be £89 for the Velocity 6.5 IRIZ, which is the mirrored, polarised version and £79.95 for the regular version. Lenses will cost from £8.99 for clear to £22.99 for mirrored.

leatt, goggles, bikeconnectionwinter2019
If it’s raining, there are tear-offs and slide-film thingies too
leatt, goggles, bikeconnectionwinter2019
Deep frame and removable foam

Leatt gear is distributed in the UK by Hotlines.


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    Are these suitable for use with glasses ? Doesn’t look like they are but worth checking.

    Frustratingly few models of MTB/moto goggles are OTG (over the glasses) – for us speccy-four-eyes who can’t (or won’t) use contact lenses.

    Just checked Leatt web site. Apparently they are OTG ! Hallelujah !!

    I’ll have a go, Davidd. I have a pair here to test. I think it’ll depend on the size/shape of your specs, so I’ll round up a couple of styles and try them on.

    If they do fit over glasses I’ll be getting them too.
    It would be useful to measure the width of the opening on that top down view.

    Unlike the press photo’s, it doesn’t appear to be possible to buy the red/white option without the rolloff thingies. 🙁

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