International Women’s Day: Why We’re Launching Singletrack Women

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Singletrack women – A new channel

Here at Singletrack we’ve always had women writing about bikes. All bikes – not just ones with women’s specific geometry. We’ve had women working as part of the editorial team for many years, contributing to the daily news, industry insights and kit reviews. We’ve tried to avoid pigeonholing our female contributors into writing about ‘women’s stuff’, and encouraged them to write about ‘bike stuff’. Hopefully you think we’ve been pretty successful.

women channel singletrack
By women, for everyone.

Singletrack women

However, go to any industry event and you’ll see that the bike world is still very male dominated. Go to a trail centre and, while things are certainly improving, there are still a lot more men on the trails than women. We’re heartened to see the increasing profile of women’s mountain biking, and we want to see that trend continue.

singletrack women channel
It’s not just Hannah and Amanda, we’ve a great network of contributors too.

We’ve realised that while we want to treat our female contributors as we would our male ones, there is a demand from female readers for content written by women. Not just kit reviews, but women out having adventures and women voicing their opinions. To try and cater to this demand, we’ve pulled together all the stories written by our female contributors into one place: the Singletrack Women channel.

We’re not writing specific women’s content for this site, and all the stories we publish will go on the main site. But if you’re interested in a women’s perspective, the Singletrack Women page is the place where you’ll find all our female voices in one place.

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