British Cycling Wants YOU To Shape The Sport’s Future

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British Cycling got in touch specifically to ask us to run this press release, because it thinks you, Singletrack readers, can help it improve the breadth of representation on their MTB commissions.

TLDR? Need a summary? They’re looking for people to represent different cycling disciplines to help shape the long term strategies for the sport. Cyclocross riders, the deadline is 8th April, mountain bikers, the deadline is 15th April. Other disciplines are also looking for people, if you ride other sorts of wheels too.

Interested? Read on for the full press release.

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As the organisation continues to improve its inclusivity and diversity, British Cycling is encouraging applications to its commissions across each of the eight cycling disciplines.

The commissions, which provide expert help, support and advice to the board and senior management team, are fundamental in developing the future of the sport. This includes assisting the executive leadership team to develop long-term strategies to shape investment in each cycling discipline.

British Cycling wants to welcome new members and chairs to improve consistency of numbers across all the commissions, whilst growing diversity by attracting a variety of ages, and closing the gender gap.
This follows the launch of the organisation’s new #OneInAMillion campaign earlier this year which aims to get one million more women on bikes by 2020 and increase representation of women in cycling at all levels; whether it’s commuting, competing, coaching or on a commission.

Applications are being encouraged across all disciplines: BMX, road, track, cycle speedway, mountain bike endurance and mountain bike gravity, cyclo-cross and an entirely new commission for the newest discipline to be brought into the fold, BMX freestyle park. The Commissaires & Referees Commission and Technical Commission are also seeking new members.

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Rod Findlay, Director of Integrity and Compliance at British Cycling, said: “Being on a cycling commission is an excellent opportunity to have a real impact on the way the sport is run and help shape things for the future.

“Our commissions are made up of passionate and dedicated individuals and we hope that by attracting more people from a diverse range of backgrounds, ages and genders, that we will better represent those who are at the core of our great sport.”

Commissions typically meet three times a year in Manchester during the working week and members will occasionally be expected to contribute to debates and recommendations by e-mail. The deadlines for applications are: Monday 8 April at midnight for Cycle Speedway, Cyclo-Cross, Road, Track and Commissaires & Referees followed by Monday 15 April at midnight for BMX, BMX Freestyle Park, MTB Endurance, MTB Gravity and Technical.

For more information about the roles and responsibilities of commission members and chairs, or to make an application, visit the British Cycling commission page.

Hannah Dobson

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