Video: The Hazzard Racing guide to setting up a race team plus bonus rut slapping action.

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Slapping ruts and riding the nuts of some freshly built up Orange bikes is only part of the picture in the latest Hazzard racing video.

Joe Barnes and the Hazzard Racing team has put together this insightful video teaching us important lessons on setting up a professional bike team. The video covers how to sign new riders, how to pick up a major sponsor and why a top mechanic is ultra important.

How low can you go?
Sloppy rut left into solid tree right.

The video does have the “Hazzard Racing Seal of Approval” slapped across it meaning a lot of nonsense, a guest appearance by Jesus, a Reliant Rialto 3 wheeler and some gratuitous rut slapping action, and the type of riding that only enchanted pixies (and Hazzard Racing) are capable of.

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