Singletrack Magazine issue 123 : You Can’t Script Adventure

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Scribbles on a map and someone else’s GPX files can never substitute local knowledge. Unfortunately James McKnight didn’t have any of that and, as he discovered, he was soon in way over his head in some of the Pyrenees’ most remote countryside.  Words James McKnight Photography Victor Lucas Photographer Victor Lucas and I had been talking about this trip for over a year since I first visited the remote village of Nocito (population 10), a luscious place set among alluring hills on the edge of the Pyrenees. I had been wooed by Nocito’s charm as a mysterious settlement in an improbable location quite a long way from nowhere at all really. We had both been intrigued by the idea of bikepacking, or whatever you want to call going for a long ride carrying everything you need. However, glamorous images of heroes making their way through immense landscapes had perhaps not told us the entire story as we would soon find out… Bikepacking ain’t easy.

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