Nukeproof’s new DH bike finally named. Meet the Nukeproof Dissent!

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2019 is a big year for Nukeproof, it’s the year that sees the gravity orientated brand return to the Downhill World Cup, with new riders, and now we can officially reveal a new bike.

For this season, Adam Brayton will be aiming to finish on podium aboard the all-new Nukeproof Dissent downhill bike, a bike featuring an all-new suspension platform.

nukeproof dissent
New but hardly secret.

Those of you familiar with Nukeproof should actually recognise the Dissent as the bike Sam Hill rode to victory at Crankworx Festivals Garbanzo Downhill, you may have also seen the Hope’d out build on Adam Brayton’s personal Instagram too.

News of the Dissent comes just after the launch of the YT Tues 29 bike, but oddly for a new bike launch, we haven’t actually been sent any specifics about the new frame, geometry, travel or suspension platform. Apparently, all of this vital information that we and you all want to learn won’t be available until frames are shipped to stockist…

nukeproof dissent
Hope green is team only.. very mean…

Nukeproof has supplied a load of photos of the Dissent, but it appears to be a custom bike built by Hope for Brayton rather than an off the shelf model that we’ll actually be able to buy. Hope green components are team only after all (no matter how often we ask).

On the build front, this team edition bike boasts an Öhlins rear shock, Rockshox Boxxer forks, and then all the Hope bling you could possibly imagine from hubs to handlebars. Check out the photos below.

nukeproof dissent
Swedish suspension on the rear.
nukeproof dissent
Boxxer up front.
nukeproof dissent
Hope stoppers.
nukeproof dissent
Adam Brayton is also sponsored by Ohlins, Bell and Hope, although we would never have guessed.

Here’s the very limited information that Nukeproof furnished us with;

“Introducing the DISSENT.

You don’t always have to agree to follow the norm and agree with convention and dissent from the masses and go your own way. Nukeproof have always chosen to do things our own way, in our time and style. After nearly 7 years of using our highly successful Fallout linkage, the new DISSENT displays a new update to our downhill linkage design. The new DISSENT platform was originally conceived by our engineers as a concept to test several leverage curve theories. Turning the theory into practice proved much better than anything we could have expected with the prototype winning on its international debut at Crankworx festivals Garbanzo Downhill race with Sam Hill (and winning his approval).

We’re proud to introduce the Nukeproof DISSENT. What’s new? Frames will be coming to Nukeproof retailers in the not too distant future, with more information on the DISSENT design being released closer to the in-stock date(including full geometry and key features).

Until then feast your eyes on Adam Brayton Hope Factory Racing Spec Nukeproof DISSENT…

Adam Brayton’s 2019 Nukeproof Dissent:

2019 marks our return to the full-time Downhill World Cup program and a new partnership with Mr Gas to Flat; Adam Brayton & HOPE Factory Racing as a frame supplier. After initially testing with our prototype Adam was super positive and we are stoked to partner with the 2018 UK Downhill Series champion and support his assault on the UCI World Cup. HOPE has once again smashed it out the park with a build that will make the DISSENT one of the trickiest custom factory bikes out there.”

While we don’t know much about the Nukeproof Dissent, we do all agree that it’s a very clean looking bike and we hope to see it landing on WC podiums throughout 2019.

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