Dynaplug now officially available in the UK and Ireland

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Way back in issue 110 of Singletrack Magazine, Chipps tested the Dynaplug tubeless repair kit. He was mightly impressed with the simple to use system with his only criticism being that the Dynaplug had to be bought directly from the U.S.

Fast forward to today, and Chipps is going to be a very happy man, as his favourite little plugs are now available through UK based distributor Madison.

Madison will offer the complete range of Dynaplug products with pricing ranging from £19.99 – £59.99.

The simple 4 step Dynaplug process.

For those unfamiliar with the system, it basically consists of a metal plunger and with a sharp hook that you use to push in viscoelastic impregnated fibre plugs. These sticky plugs permanently bond with the tyre, fixing larger tears and punctures in a matter of seconds.

Below is the official press release from Madison.

Madison and Dynaplug Announce Exclusive Distribution Partnership in UK and Ireland

Madison is pleased to announce that it has agreed an exclusive distribution agreement with industry-leading tubeless repair kit manufacturer, Dynaplug.

Dynaplug, it looks lethal but it’s actually a lifesaver.

For years, Dynaplug’s jewel-like anodized wonders have been the secret weapons for everyone from EWS champions to XCO World cup contenders and hirsute backcountry adventurers. They’ve popped up on the hottest Instagram feeds and kit checks and for years the UK’s cool kids have been importing them from the US at great expense.

Not only will this new distribution agreement finally bring this innovative product to the UK and Ireland but it is in stock now and available for retailers to order. Dynaplug will also be exhibiting at iceBike* in just two weeks’ time, so it is a perfect opportunity to meet the team and see the product. Register for the show now at www.icebike.co.uk

Dynaplug’s unique plug technology is incredibly fast and easy to use, just remove whatever caused the damage, push your Dynaplug tool straight into the hole, then remove, leaving behind a viscoelastic impregnated fibre plug that bonds permanently to the tyre.

No, removing the tyre, no, glues, no patches no fiddling around with ‘bacon strips’ that can dry out or get contaminated, just a super-fast, reliable repair.

Sheryl Kerner at Dynaplug, said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Madison, an industry leader committed to making our US-crafted, Dynaplug® tools readily available to customers throughout the UK and Ireland. Madison is an incredible partner that has a strong connection with an understanding of their customer and riding communities. As we strive to push the limits of innovation in our product niche, we’re excited to collaborate with a world class, forward thinking company that appreciates our tenacity, technological innovations and manufacturing quality.”

Adrian Phillips, Dynaplug Brand Director at Madison, said: “We are incredibly excited to add Dynaplug to the Madison stable of industry leading brands. It is a fantastic brand that we are proud to make available to cyclists in the UK and Ireland. It continues our on-going drive to strengthen our brand portfolio with the products and brands that consumers are demanding.”

Dynaplug products are available to order now by speaking to your local Madison sales representative or visiting www.madisonb2b.co.uk.

UK Pricing

– Carbon Ultralite – £19.99
– Megaplugger – £29.99
– Racer – £34.99
– Micro Pro – £49.99
– MegaPill – £59.99
– Air – £59.99

Keep an eye out on an upcoming Fresh Goods to see the new Dynaplug range in detail.

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    Serious question, I’m guessing that very sharp brass point stays in the tyre, so how will that affect a system such as Procore, running low pressure?
    Is it not going to be stabbing holes into the Procore set up, inside the tyre?
    Will probably make mincemeat of any foam liner too, ie Huck Norris.

    Happy to hear of any experiences…

    everyone knows carbon is the best

    but its teh cheapest, why would you get the pricier ones?

    Their soft nose plugs don’t seem to damage tyres or tape, but if you’re really worried they do ‘bullet-tip’ plugs.

    Designed for those running super light, thin road tyres but I imagine they’ll also remove any worries you may have about damaging a Pro-core system.

    Firstly, Dynaplug has been available for a few years from, http://www.dynaplug-uk.com, based in Warwick, secondly, the system is brilliant, I ripped the sidewall of a Maxxis Minion SS back in the Summer, 2 Dynaplugs side by side fixed the problem for the rest of the ride, the tyre is still going strong some 6 months later, for me, it’s the best tubeless repair kit there is.

    dynaplug-uk only have automotive tools?

    https://www.mtbriders.co.uk have had the various bike tools for sale for years.

    The soft tip plus have always worked well for me, no issues with them inside the tyre. When ever I have to take my tyre off I snip the brass tips of just to be safe, that’s rarely though! The Racer tool is nice and small and light weight too, easy to pack away.

    @19ninety it looks that way but Dynaplug is a generic tubeless tyre repair kit / tool, I have purchased replacement plugs for my Dynaplug Air and they fit perfectly, thanks for the heads up on mtbriders, always good to have another go-to company, cheers.

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