Video: Watch Amaury Pierron Ride Reunion Island Trails So You Don’t Have To.

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Many of us have awoken this morning to see the ground covered in a few CM of snow. We’ve had the pleasure of dashing out into the cold, dark morning to defrost our windscreens, enjoined the traction-less slush covered roads, and even part-taken in a vehicular version of The Conga (aka a traffic jam).

Imagine missing all of that just to ride your bike on the Reunion Island. Man, that would suck so much.

It’s good news then that Andorran bike brand, Commencal, has taken the initiative and sent their champion racer, Amaury Pierron, to the tropical paradise in our place.

Well, yeah so! I don’t want to ride in just a T-Shirt anyway!

Let Amaury ride in the sun in just a T-shirt. Let the world travelling Frenchman rail in the dirt and loam. Pierron will play in the woods while we play rush hour roulette. It must really suck to be Amaury Pierron…

As well as featuring the 2018 DH World Cup Champion, the video has the 2019 version of the Commencal Meta 29, the very same 29er enduro bike which we spied at Fort William last year along with its shorter travel sister the Meta TR British Edition.

Anyway, enjoy the video and remember that we only have a handful of months before our own trails get to being anywhere near as warm as these, yeah!

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    Ah just to be riding in shorts and a T shirt! it doesn’t matter how cold it gets nothing beats going past cars on your bike in rush hour though.

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