BikeYoke Wants You To Whack A Willy On Your Bike In 2019

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German component manufacturer, BikeYoke, has ushered in the New Year with 3 new components to help you get the most from your dropper post.

BikeYoke is best known for its Revive dropper post which offers a clever “self-healing” system meaning that you’ll never need to bleed your dropper if you get that dreaded bob, and infant you can ‘revive’ the post on the trail if needed thanks to a simple lever located near the rail clamps.

With the Revive post doing well and appearing on many manufactures bikes as OEM equipment, BikeYoke has turned its attention to accessories for your dropper to help them perform better.

In total there are 3 new accessories which BikeYoke calls “Smart Gadgets” for dropper posts users, but they aren’t smart in the smartphone or app connected sense, just smartly designed.

The new Triggy will clamp either end of your cable.

2019 BikeYoke Triggy

First up is a new Triggy. The Triggy is BikeYoke’s own dropper lever for cable actuated droppers posts. The updated version has been redesigned so that you can use either a cable end or a cable clamp, this means that the Triggy will work with any cable operated dropper regardless what end of the cable enters your frame.

The Triggy pulls through 12.5mm of cable and has a maximum throw of 49°. The lever is lightweight at just 24g and is now cheaper than before, costing $60.99.

The Triggy X offers more configuration options.

BikeYoke also offers the Triggy X, basically the same lever as the Triggy, but with an adjustable paddle allowing fine-tuning of the lever position. The Triggy X weighs in at 25g and costs slightly more at $67.99.

Enough squeeze to hold your dropper tight without binding.

2019 BikeYoke Squeezy

BikeYoke’s Squeezy is designed to be as lightweight as possible while offering just the right amount of pressure to keep your dropper in place without causing binding issues.

The Squeezy has a collarless design and instead has 3 small claws which prevent the clamp sliding too far down the seat tube. Aluminium and Titanium are used to keep the weight down to only 7.9g. 2 sizes will be available, although what those sizes will be we’re not told, and they’ll cost $32.99 each.

Expect to see plenty of willies on the trails in 2019.

2019 BikeYoke Willy

And now for the reason, you actually hit the link! Yes, BikeYoke has released a product called the Willy, it’s a silly name but a neat solution to preventing creaks and weatherproofing your frame.

Basically, the Willy is a rubber sleeve that slips over your seat post collar to prevent water and dirt from finding its way into your seat tube. At just $8.99 we expect to see plenty of Willies on the trails over the coming months.

More detail of the new range of BikeYoke products can be found over on their official website.

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    “Basically, the Willy is a rubber sleeve that slips over your seat post collar to prevent water and dirt from finding its way into your seat tube. At just $8.99 we expect to see plenty of Willies on the trails over the coming months.”

    Did you mean to write “At a frankly bonkers $8.99 we expect to see plenty of people cutting a two-inch section out of an old inner tube instead”?

    From the website:

    Squeezy is available in two different sizes:

    35mm – will fit seattubes with an outer diameter of 34.9~35.0mm. This applies to most of today´s bikes that use 30.9 or 31.6 seatposts.
    38mm – will fit seattubes with an outer diameter of 38.0-38.5mm. This applies to many bikes with 34.9mm seatposts.

    Is it just me, or are aftermarket dropper levers ridiculous money for what they are?

    DezB I don’t get it either. Comparing those fairly simple levers to much more reasonably priced yet much more complicated gear shifters is like comparing a sundial to a swiss watch. Sort of.

    Bit of a theme with all these items.

    Bez, the inner tube method works for a bit but then the rubber eventually degrades and splits. Those are my findings. $9 is nothing if it lasts.

    Is there a UK supplier for Bike Yoke? The Willy is perfect for me (my bike leaks down around the seatpost and fills my BB with water) as the innertube method doesn’t last and looks awful. However, I don’t really want to pay almost the same account again for delivery from Germany!


    And yes, I realise I wrote “the Willy is perfect for me”. I really should proofread before submitting…

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