2019 Orange 329 29er Downhill Race/Park Bike Released

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2019 Orange 329 gets a big wheel upgrade but promises to handle like its smaller wheeled stablemate.

Orange Mountain Bikes has announced its latest, made in the UK, single pivot full suspension bike, and this time it’s a big wheeled downhill monster.

Flagship Orange 329 Factory.

The 2019 Orange 329 is once again based around a single pivot suspension platform fixed to a folded alloy frame all handmade here in the UK. On the suface the 329 looks almost exactly like the current 327, but the clue is in the name as the new bike runs on larger 29in wheels.

Orange say that they have designed the 329 to offer the monster-trucking, plough-ability of a big travel 29er, but also the agility of a 27.5in bike. So, in theory, this speedy Orange should be able to hit warp speed in the rough, rocky, rooty sections of DH course but still remain playful enough for a trip to the bike park for a spot of scrub action.

Sterling Silver Orange 329 RS costs £4,500.

2 versions of the 329 are available as off the shelf, complete bikes, starting with the Orange 329 RS finished with RockShox suspension, and a SRAM GX drivetrain for £4,500.

Factory level gets you Fox and SRAM X0.

A flashier Orange 329 Factory will relieve you of £6,500 but gets some worthy upgrades including the likes of Fox Factory suspension with that luscious golden Kashima finish, SRAM X01 DH drivetrain and Shimano Saint brakes.

Framesets are also available from £2,500.

If neither of the complete bikes floats your boat, the 329 is also on sale as a frame only from £2,500 depending on your choice rear shock and colour.

If you plan on building your own custom Orange 329 check out our 2018 Fort William coverage for some inspiration.

Below we have the official Orange Press Release for the new Orange 329.

Orange 329 Press Release

The quest to go faster never stops. When it comes to riding against the clock or against your mates any advantage needs to be explored.

Some riders have found that opting for 29 inch wheels give them the edge they need to get ahead, so after much development we’re proud to announce the introduction of the 329, our first 29inch wheeled downhill bike.

The 329 takes the know-how from our World Cup honed 327 chassis to build a 29er downhill bike set on podiums and personal bests. Designed to handle as closely to the 327 as possible the 329 uses its 29-inch wheels to monster over the rough stuff and charge the straights but still offer options in the turns. We built the 329 to be a versatile speed machine, not a one trick juggernaut. Our single pivot design means whether you’re a racer or bike park rat you’ll have more time riding and less time-wrenching. The through-the-downtube shock mount cradles a 250mm metric shock delivering 190mm of travel and giving us the scope to position the pivot point exactly where it needs to be to deliver the small bump performance and big-hit plushness that demanding racers require. The frame’s shock curve is a smooth ramp, allowing easy rear shock set-up. With the 329 suspension tuning is easily done with the suspension unit, making performance tweaks simple and straightforward on the fly. Whatever your wheel size preference, between the 327 and 329 we’ve got you covered. After all, options are good, advantages are better.

Available now from Orange dealers.

Orange 329 Highlights

  • Frame designed and built in Britain
  • 1 year racing warranty
  • Designed for 29 inch wheels
  • 190mm rear travel
  • Split rear swing arm – low weight, high rigidity
  • 83mm bottom bracket shell with ISCG05
  • 150mm rear axle spacing
  • 250mm Metric standard shock length
  • Solid performance – from privateer to elite world cup downhill racer – built to compete at the highest level
  • Component upgrades available and a choice of 10 custom colour options.

Orange 329 Factory

Top draw components for the top of the podium. The 329 Factory is a no compromise race bike. Blending the best DH specific dampers, drivetrain and components, no iota of performance is left on the shelf so you can leave it all out on the track.

RRP from: £6,500.00

Orange 329 Factory Components Highlights

  • Fox Factory 40 Grip 2 fork
  • Fox Factory Float X2 shock
  • Stan’s Flow Mk3 rims on Hope Pro 4 hubs
  • SRAM X01 DH 7spd drivetrain
  • Shimano Saint brakes
  • Renthal Integra stem and Fat Bar Carbon

Orange 329 RS

Bike park or race track, the 329 RS doesn’t mess about. RockShox suspension and SRAM’s GX1 drivetrain offer no-nonsense performance that perfectly complements the 329’s chassis.

RRP from: £4,500.00

Orange 329 RS Component Highlights

  • RockShox Boxxer RC fork
  • RockShox Super Deluxe Coil shock
  • Stan’s Flow Mk3 rims on Hope Pro 4 hubs
  • SRAM GX1 DH 7spd drivetrain
  • SRAM Guide RE brakes
  • Renthal Integra stem and Fat Bar

Orange 329 Frame

For those riders who know exactly how they want their bike set up the 329 comes as a frame only option.

Orange 329 Frame Component Highlights

  • RockShox Super Deluxe Coil*

*Frame shown with optional Fox Factory Float X2 shock

RRP from: £2,500.00

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    Yeah, logged in and still can’t read this review. WTF?

    @athy62 hmmmm, this is being looked at right now. Sorry about that.

    blimey, that’s not pretty is it?

    RD, yeah I understand what they are trying to achieve and I’m sure it’s a better bike than the last good looking Orange DH bike (224) but it’s sure not a looker. Maybe I’m wrong but I’d have thought there’d be more of a market for a revamped 22 series aimed at privateer racers / park rats. Something you can beat on, doesn’t cost a fortune and looks good (single piece swing arm etc) even if it is slightly slower.

    Yet another bike designed by Stevie Wonder.

    Wonder if this will have inherent issues like tyre hitting seat tube…. I normally love the look of an orange, but that’s minging

    Doesn’t look too bad in the silver.

    So Gwin on Intense – how about Atherton’s on Orange??

    Looks aside… that’s some pretty aspirational pricing, isn’t it? £2500 for a single-pivot, alu frame. £200 more gets you a YT Tues AL with a better suspension design and arguably better spec than the base level build here… which is a staggering £4500. Orange might want to revisit their supplier deals, or overheads.

    Wow. That is just plain ugly looking execution of a longer shock/different angle.
    The shock is also *directly* in the front wheel crap firing line, so all of them will also have an additional set of zip tie and old inner tube on the downtube.

    I have long been an Orange fanboi (and owned C16r, Clockwork, Sub5 and ST4), but the pricing is now just way to much to justify for me.

    aaahm oot.

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