Video: Jeff Kendall-Weed Gets Retro In Durango

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All images by Ben Gavelda.

He might look like an accountant or an attorney, but once he’s on a bike Jeff Kendall-Weed is all style. Even when he’s on a bike from the mid-ninetees. Dammit.

Some of you probably lusted after the bikes he and the Durango locals take to the trails, and maybe a lucky few of you own – or even still own – one. But would you risk taking it round your local blue route, never mind the trails you see here?

credit Ben Gavelda
Brendan Shafer’s FatChance Buck Shaver

credit Ben Gavelda Mike Wilk’s Yeti Ultimate

We’re torn. Given the chance to ride these trails in Durango, Colorado, we’d be tempted to say ‘yes’ to whatever bike we were offered…maybe we’d draw the line at a Brompton. But even on a throughly modern bike we’re not sure we’d have the skills to pull off all the lines that Jeff and friends take here. But what lovely trails. And what lovely bikes…

credit Ben Gavelda
Yeah, we would.

credit Ben Gavelda Do they ever actually Hi-Five? Or just pose and then go ‘nah’.

credit Ben Gavelda
Mike Wilk’s 3d Racing bike

For the retro nerds among you, the local bike shop in the video looks like it would be well worth a visit – although the bikes are rather disappointingly up high and out of reach of any stroking.

credit Ben Gavelda
Ah, dust.
credit Ben Gavelda
We can’t even do this into a foam pit.

Jeff hooks up with a bunch of local riders with improbable skills and bikes that we want to showcase what the area has to offer, and to take us back to the days of 1992 when Durango hosted the World Championships.

credit Ben Gavelda
Same trick.
credit Ben Gavelda
Same trick again…OK, yes, if we could do this we’d do it all the time too.
credit Ben Gavelda
Ace Ventura, Trail Detective.

It’s heartening to see that these great trails can be ridden on a less than super bike – Ok the riders have skills, and they’re hitting some jump lines. But we can’t help think that if they can ride there on those, then maybe we could ride our local trails on something not too spendy. That fun is in the riding, and not the bike you’re doing it on?

credit Ben Gavelda
Hogsback Ridge
credit Ben Gavelda
If anyone on Durango Tourist Board is reading, we’d quite like to come and have a look, please.
credit Ben Gavelda
Maybe he had a front puncture?
credit Ben Gavelda
Ah, back in the day when wheels were small and colours were BRIGHT.

Everyone in the video looks to be having plenty of fun, and as well as the amazing trails and bike nerdery, we’re loving the attitude to riding. Just get out there and see what you can do. Play a bit, have some fun.

credit Ben Gavelda
Everyone is grinning. We’re smiling just watching.

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