The Great Singletrack Christmas Giveaway – What’s Coming This Week?

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We’ve another week of our amazing giveaway coming up. If you’ve not yet won anything, don’t be sad, because we’ve got plenty more for you, including the Mega Sack, which will contain one of everything we’ve given away. Yes! You read that right! Come along then and check out what you could be winning this week…

Monday – Hope F20 Pedals

  • Price: £130
  • From: Hope
Also available in a range of colours.

Mmm…CNC’d flat pedal loveliness from Hope. With a slightly concave platform for maximum support, these pedals won the ‘best engineered’ title in our flat pedal grouptest. The axle is made of Cr-Mo and each pedal uses a Norglide bushing and three cartridge bearings all in a fully sealed chamber for smooth pedalling. On test, we found the pins particularly impressive and durable.

Tuesday – Endura MT500 Helmet

Space age white?

This high performance Enduro style mountain bike helmet features large vents including top “air intake” zone, a wide adjustment visor, and is available in white, mango, navy or black. The inner material is made from antibacterial, fast wicking spacer fabric padding and there’s adjustment at the back. And of course you have the distinctive Koroyd layer to absorb any impacts.

Wednesday – Fibrax Gear Cable Kit, Dropper Post Upgrade Kit, and S-Clips

  • Price: £29.99 (Gear kit), £17.99 (Dropper kit), £4.99 (S-Clips)
  • From: Fibrax
Useful for keeping things smooooth.

With superior cables come superior smoothness, and these dropper and gear cable kits should reduce both weight and drag, making your dropper a doddle to use and your gears silky to shift. If you’re into marginal gains, this kind of thing matters. If you’re into stuff that just works, this kind of thing also matters. S-Clips will keep your cables tidy and pro looking – which should matter to all of you.

Thursday – Scott Syncros Matchbox Cage

All this, tucked behind your bottle cage.

All of what you see here attaches to the provided bottle cage – meaning you’ll have more room in your pack for sandwiches. Or maybe you’ll tape a tube to your bike and leave the pack at home? With a multi-tool with all the standard bits: T10, T25, Philips and flathead screwdrivers, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and a separate 8mm Allen bit, plus a chain breaker, and a pump, there’s a tool for many eventualities here. There’s even a space on the chain breaker to store your quick link.

Friday – DexShell Bundle

  • Price: £24 (hat), £25 (Ultra weather gloves)
  • From: DexShell
Dry extremities will be yours.

There’s a bundle of waterproof socks, hats and gloves here for you, to tackle a variety of extremes of temperature. This includes some with reflective yarn so you can be seen even on the darkest, grimmest, wettest of nights. Great! So there’ll be no excuses for not venturing out now… Sorry, what’s that? You’ve got to wash your hair? Hmm…

Saturday – Gussett Bundle

  • Price: £44.99 (Saddle), £69.99 (Stem), £16.99 (Grips) £54.99 (Bars)
  • From: Ison
Comfy contact points.

Refresh your cockpit and saddle with this bundle of products from Gusset, Ison’s in-house brand. If they’re good enough for Jack Reading, they’re good enough for you. And their BMX heritage might even make you a little bit cooler. Designed here in the UK, with feedback from their sponsored riders, you’re going to get a product that will suit British conditions rather than Californian ones.

How do you win?

Each weekday (and a few Saturdays too) at around lunchtime, we’ll be coming to you via Facebook Live where we’ll have a close look at that day’s prize to tell you a bit more about it and reveal the question you’ll need to answer in order to enter the competition. Don’t worry, it will be a nice easy question. Want to be notified when we’re live so you can enter the draw straight away? Then get onto our Facebook Page ASAP!

Too busy at work to tune in for Facebook Live? Don’t worry, each day we’ll be embedding the video into a story, along with all the competition details, on our website so that you have the chance to enter the competition until 9am UK time the following day.

The competition will be free to enter, but you do need a Username to do so, which is good, because not only is it free to register, it’s so simple a heavily intoxicated Santa impersonator could do it. So take 15 seconds to get yourself signed up and registered. Every day we’ll give you the chance to win the product we feature that day. Better yet, we’ll also put your name into the prize draw for the Mega Box Of Joy – which will contain one of everything that we give away in the whole lead up to Christmas. That’s going to be one huge box!

As a bonus prize, whoever wins the Mega Box Of Joy will be invited to join us here to our office for a day of coffee, riding, coffee, tea, fish and chips, and maybe even a cheeky beer, as well as collecting your winnings. Because the Mega Box Of Joy is going to be such a monster, entries will only be available to those with a UK delivery address, or to anyone who is prepared to come along to Singletrack Towers and visit us for the day and collect it.

Don’t forget to check in every weekday to enter the daily draw, and remember, every time you enter you’re increasing your chances of winning the Mega Box Of Joy – enter every draw and you’ll have 20 chances of winning the big box. Whoop!

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