The Great Singletrack Christmas Giveaway – What’s Coming This Week?

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We’ve already given a huge pile of swag, but fear not, we have plenty more great prizes to be won.

Yes! PRIZES to be WON by YOU!

It’s very easy to enter – just watch our daily Facebook Live Videos and follow the instructions. But first, let’s see what you could be winning this week…

Monday – Continental Bundle Of Joy

  • Price: £150
  • From: Continental

We’ve got a huge bundle of rubber goods from Continental to start the week off right. We have a pair of the Der Baron Projekt 2 27.5 x 2.6 enduro race tyres and we have a pair of Mountain King ProTection 27.5 x 2.6in. And we have a tubeless kit, with all of the valves and Revo sealant you’ll need to get your bike all set up and dialled in.

Tuesday – Lezyne Digital Pressure Overdrive

If you like setting tubeless tyres up – and then keeping an eye on the pressures. You need this pump.
Digital. Because who tests tyre pressures with a squeeze these days?

Make seating tubeless tyres easier with the high volume chamber of this pump that can be pressurised to 200psi to really dump a huge volume of air at speed using the foot operated dump lever. Made with a strong and long lasting alloy construction with comfortable wooden handle, plus long braided hose for secure and easy use. The latest ABS-1 chuck screws onto valves securely, the right angled design is easy for one handed operation, and solid brass parts give a smooth feel. And ABS (air bleed valve) on the chuck is used to release hose back pressure before unscrewing from valve, and the reverse of the chuck features a brass “valve key”. The digital gauge gives the accurate reading you need for large volume tyres. For those with other proclivities, the pump can also be used as a regular high-pressure pump for road tyres when the dump lever is left open.

Wednesday – DMR Brendog Vault Pedals and Brendog Deathgrips

Grip up top and grip down below from DMR

Hot off the back of his “McGazza” award at Red Bull Rampage, Brendan Fairclough continues to amaze us all with his unique style and extreme lines – we can’t guarantee these products will give you the same skills. The latest update of his signature VAULT pedals feature new “BF” signature graphic, aggressive MOTO pins and stealth matte black finish. With a 17mm low-profile, machined platform, a concave centre, 4140 CroMo plated axle and 22 competition evolved pin locations, this pedal weighs in at 430g.

The grips are specially designed to Brendan’s comfort, shape and grip requirements. You’ll be winning the super-soft compound Race Edition grips, with the extra tacky rubber to increase grip, especially in the wet.

All DMR products are designed in the UK and are backed by full spare parts listing for many years of trouble free aggro mountain biking.

Thursday – X Fusion Manic 150mm x 31.6mm Dropper Post

150mm dropper posts are where it’s at.

X-Fusion suspension is renowned for high quality at sensible value, often being awarded the “best value” badge in fork group tests, and the Manic dropper post offers the same mix of great features and reliability at a competitive price point. The internals are packaged as a self-contained cartridge making them free from post flex or clamping forces. Actuation is cable operated making installation simple and the new shifter style remote lever is highly adjustable for position. The mechanism at the base of the post makes it very a light action in operation. An energised wiper seal collar keeps the muck out and the high tolerance, black anodised finish is hard wearing. The forged, two bolt head clamp, saddle fitting and adjustment is simple, secure and strong.

Friday – TRP Quadiem G-Spec Brakes

Used by, you know, that rather speedy Gwin chap.
One for each side of your bars and for each end of your bike

The name Aaron Gwin is synonymous with World Cup Downhill success – once again, we can’t promise you’ll become a winner with these brakes, but it might just help. Gwin loves working on product and brought development critique to TRP, improving the performance detailing on the four piston Quadium brake. New features include:

  • New composite steel pistons for improved heat dissipation
  • Increased pad tolerances with reduced pad play.
  • Heavily machined heat sink fins on the callipers.
  • On-the fly reach adjusters with detents for simple fine tuning.
  • Drilled lever blades for added feel and grip.

The result is a highly acclaimed brake with superb modulation and spades of power at the fingertips that will be at home on any gravity or downhill machine. NB: These brakes will be supplied without rotors or adapters.

Saturday – Lapierre Edge AM727

We’re giving away a bike? We’re going to need a bigger sack.

Holy mackerel! A whole bike! A hardtail with 120mm fork and dropper post, Shimano shifting and Rockshox forks? WTB Tyres too? This could make someone very happy indeed. The Lapierre Edge AM727 is a great intro to trail riding and you could win it. In fact, we have two to give away! One on Saturday and then another whole bike in our grand prize of the Mega Sack! And every entry to the competition is an entry into the Mega Sack/Box Of Joy/Truck of Temptation..!

How do you win?

Each weekday (and a few Saturdays too) at around lunchtime, we’ll be coming to you via Facebook Live where we’ll have a close look at that day’s prize to tell you a bit more about it and reveal the question you’ll need to answer in order to enter the competition. Don’t worry, it will be a nice easy question. Want to be notified when we’re live so you can enter the draw straight away? Then get onto our Facebook Page ASAP!

Too busy at work to tune in for Facebook Live? Don’t worry, each day we’ll be embedding the video into a story, along with all the competition details, on our website so that you have the chance to enter the competition until 9am UK time the following day.

The competition will be free to enter, but you do need a Username to do so, which is good, because not only is it free to register, it’s so simple a heavily intoxicated Santa impersonator could do it. So take 15 seconds to get yourself signed up and registered. Every day we’ll give you the chance to win the product we feature that day. Better yet, we’ll also put your name into the prize draw for the Mega Box Of Joy – which will contain one of everything that we give away in the whole lead up to Christmas. That’s going to be one huge box!

As a bonus prize, whoever wins the Mega Box Of Joy will be invited to join us here to our office for a day of coffee, riding, coffee, tea, fish and chips, and maybe even a cheeky beer, as well as collecting your winnings. Because the Mega Box Of Joy is going to be such a monster, entries will only be available to those with a UK delivery address, or to anyone who is prepared to come along to Singletrack Towers and visit us for the day and collect it.

Don’t forget to check in every weekday to enter the daily draw, and remember, every time you enter you’re increasing your chances of winning the Mega Box Of Joy – enter every draw and you’ll have 20 chances of winning the big box. Whoop!

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