Orange Bikes Robbed! 11 x 2019 Bikes Stolen

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It has been a terrible past few weeks for break-ins. Stif, Hans Rey and now Orange Bikes have all suffered substantial loss due to theft and break-ins.

We don’t have details of the where and when of the Orange Bikes break in but we understand that 11 x 2019 Orange P7 29 S hardtails were stolen.

Each bike was complete apart from suspension forks which were not installed on the builds, so if you are offered a cheap P7 29 with missing suspension forks, or if you see them going at an incredible price it might be worth getting in touch with the Police.

In a post on social media, Orange states that they believe that these 11 x bikes are likely to show up in Greater Manchester and Merseyside and ask the public to be vigilant and report any bikes that they feel are suspicious. Call 101 and quote crime number 13180528499 if you have any information.

Details of the 2019 Orange P7 29 S bikes stolen along with frame numbers are below:

  • Medium – IOR8070330
  • Medium – IOR8080120
  • Medium – IOR8070331
  • Medium – IOR8080125
  • Medium – IOR8070329
  • Medium – IOR8070336
  • Large – IOR8080133
  • Large – IOR8070356
  • Large – IOR8070366
  • X-Large – IOR8070376
  • X-Large – IOR8070389

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