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First Look: RevGrips – Shock Absorbing Grips For A Penny Under £100

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We’re well used to squawks of ‘how much?!’ in response to Fresh Goods Friday, but even our eyebrows raised when these grips arrived in the office. £99.99 for grips? Why?

Rev Grips
Grips that come with lengthy instructions.

The grips are designed with an inner sleeve of a larger diameter than your bars, and are held in place by two collars – so it’s only these two collars that are in contact with your bars. It’s claimed that this will reduce the vibrations you get through the bars…even without the next bit…

In between those collars and the grip itself, you add a series of elastomers. The ones that come in the pack as standard are the ‘Pro’ version, but you can often get a softer ‘Race’ version, or zero-float ‘Eiminator’ option. These elastomers allow a little bit of twist on the grips which should add to the shock absorbing effect of the bars.

Rev Grips
Lots of little bits – what do they do?

That’s not all though – there’s a set of ‘thick’ and ‘thin’ washers that sit between the elastomer layer and the grips. Depending on the combination of these that you use, you can ‘tune’ the grip to one of five different firmness settings, with the grip feeling softer in all directions the more washers you install.

Baffled or curious? We’re going to pass them on for testing to our hardtail hooner, David Hayward, for maximum vibration testing. We’ll let you know if he comes back shaken and stirred, or or gripped with enthusiasm.

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Comments (4)

    Reece Wilson had these on his Supreme all last season. Game Changer for him he reckons…

    Be interesting to see how these compare with vibrocore bars, fit these with vibrocore bars no more bad vibes? I will awaite with interest. blooming expensive but if it solves the problem then I’m in.

    Or for £0.00 you could let a bit more air out of your front tyre.

    Revgrips, are the absolute best grips on the market. They’re a shock absorbing grip system…which reduces harsh vibration from high speed chatter bumps. This allows me to ride longer and go faster without getting arm pump and hand fatigue. You can also customize Revgrips, with different colors offered both in the grips and bar clamps. They also come in different diameters to fit your hand size comfortably.

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