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We’ve got bikes, bras, backpacks and bonce lids. It’s Fresh Goods Friday 422!

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Everyone rides bikes for different reasons. For some it’s purely fitness, some it’s fun, others it’s the social aspect, and for some it’s stress release. For many of us it’s all of those reasons and more on top. So what do we do if we can’t ride for a long period of time? If you’re in it for the fitness you lose it, which sucks. If you ride for the social side, you have a dedicated group of bike buddies who are going to crack on without you and post endless photos making you desperately jealous, you feel left out and a bit lonely… Which also sucks. Those who ride to release stress find themselves agitated, wound up and short tempered (unless that’s just me?)…

What can we do to fill in that blank when we’re forced into time off our bikes? Asking for a friend. A close friend who lives and breathes bikes, his career is bikes, his social life is bikes, even his children want to do nothing but ride bikes. And currently he can’t, which sucks.

Drama aside, we’ve had lots of shiny new objects squeezed through the letterbox this week so let’s take a look!

Genesis Tarn 20

genesis tarn first look
You can almost hear the crunching of the Autumn leaves.

It’s hardtail season, and this tidy steel number is ready to go with a Shimano SLX 1×11 drivetrain, RockShox Pike RC solo air forks and WTB Scraper 4.0 rims with Maxxis Rekon Dual Compound 2.8″ tyres. What a beast!

Specialized Eliminator BLCK DMND 29 x 2.6

The only diamond I’d like under the tree this Christmas.

With a well balanced block tread pattern and shoulder knobs, this is an enduro tyre with the bite of a DH one. Specialized claim their new BLCK DMND casing offers suppleness with extreme pinch-flat protection. They come tubeless ready and are available in 27.5 x 2.3″, 27.5 x 2.6″, 29 x 2.3″ and 29 x 2.6″.

Specialized Eliminator Grid 27.5 x 2.6

Who has made a fort out of tyres? Can I play?

The trail version of the Eliminator features Grid casing, claiming to provide the utmost in cut and flat protection at the sidewalls.

Kali Maya 2.0 Helmet

When asked how excited he was about helping with Fresh Goods photos…

The Maya 2.0 features a moto-style visor, and easy to fasten buckle, bug liner and most importantly is equipped with Kali LDL technology, researched and developed to protect the skull from low-g linear and rotational impact forces.

Who else wants to run their fingers over that lumpy section?

It comes in five colour ways (one being all black) and the usual range of sizing.

High vis’ good for biz.

The twelve vents should help to keep your head cool, and that generous visor will keep the sun off your face.

Specialized Women’s Power Comp Saddle

Women’s specific with no sign of teal, purple or pink. SOLD.

Amanda’s current saddle makes her feel like her legs are being pulled out of their sockets, so hopefully this should sort her out. Specialized has used a patented body geometry design that is lab-tested to ensure blood flow to sensitive arteries. The Mimic technology simplified is multilayered materials that claim to minimise swelling in soft tissue.

Anita Active Air Control Sports Bra

It would have been inappropriate for him to show his cleavage.

The lightest sports bra in the world, fortunately Ross caught it just before it floated away. Featuring breathable microfibre mesh fabric cups, comfort straps positioned towards the centre of the back for extra support during all movements and additional side support, this bra claims to feel as light as a feather whilst keeping you under control during the most high impact of activities.

Insert chest here.

Available in an A-G cup, 32-40inch in two different colour options they cater for the majority.

Osprey Women’s Raven 10 Hydration Pack

  • Price: £110.00
  • FromOsprey
Lots of snack pockets.

This women’s specific hydration backpack is designed to carry all your gear and water, with a 2.5l reservoir included, hipbelt and harness, integrated roll-out tool wrap and a helmet attachment. This season’s colours are deep blue emerald and lilac grey.

Osprey Women’s Salida 12 Hydration Pack

  • Price: £90.00
  • FromOsprey
Ross trying to swipe a women’s specific pack. 

The Salida is sold as the technical and high-performance hydration pack for women, balancing a durable construction with great organisational ability. This is one for long days on the trail, with a 2.5l reservoir, front shove-it pocket, bike helmet attachment and an LED light attachment point.

Quite a diverse selection this week, and several women’s specific items to put a smile on Amanda and Hannah’s tired faces.

Bonus video of the most enthusiastic forger in the universe. What I would give to visit this guy’s workshop and forge myself something!

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Comments (8)

    the modeller of that 10L pack must be rather weeny! It looks huge

    @DezB Who are you calling weeny!

    (It’s quite a generous 10L…)

    “What can we do to fill in that blank when we’re forced into time off our bikes?”
    I would love to know the answer to that too ….. I am three weeks into a seven week period off my bike to recover from a broken bone. It is a cracking autumn day outside and I am stuck looking at it out the window…..aaaaaargggghhhh…….. 🙁
    Usually I love browsing mtb websites and mags but have been through them all now……bored……have mentally specced my fantasy bike build at least 20 times…..bored now…….tried doing exercise to keep a bit of fitness……..bored bored bored………..
    The only positive is the fact that I now have a fuller appreciation of just how much I get out of the simple fun of riding my bike in the woods and hills, both physically and mentally. And i cannot wait to get out on my bike again.
    So – if you are pondering whether or not to ride this weekend…..go for a ride….definitely go for a ride.

    Bit late to visit Alec’s workshop, he closed it last week and moved to Montana. Mind you, he does have a new shop opening in Montana so… better than Norfolk I suppose?

    I tend to go walking when I’m off the bike, it’s a great way to look into potential additions to existing, or completely new, routes without potentially having to push or carry a bike across unrideable terrain. If you can’t ride you may as well find new routes!

    Could you tell specialised to make a 2.6 29er slaughter pls?

    Specialised 2.6 NOT, look at the size table on the box….

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