Singletrack Magazine Issue 121: There Be Dragons Here! Probably …

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In search of trail treasure, Sanny and chums tackle what is reputed to be ‘the worst trail in the Lakes’. Do they find a hidden gem or should they have heeded the warnings?

Words & Photography Sanny (unless credited)

Let me be honest with you, dear reader. I have a bit of a reputation (undeserved I might add) for seeking out trails and routes that could, if one was being unkind, be described as ‘Sanny’s walks with his bike’. While for some the very idea of a hikeabike route is a complete anathema, I will quite happily haul my bike over summits and mountain passes in my ongoing quest for trail perfection. A line on a map. A whisper that a route might just go. The faint promise of singletrack nirvana on the descent. There is something positively addictive that comes from seeking out a new route. Most of the time it pays off… mostly. But what if you have an itch that needs scratching in spite of the sage advice of those who have actually attempted a route that says ‘horror show’ and ‘avoid at all costs’. For me, Greenup Edge was that itch.

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