Orange Alpine 6 E now available in ‘more affordable’ S spec

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Orange Bikes has released it’s Alpine 6 E eMTB in a new S spec build, bringing the same handmade single pivot frame full-suspension bike down to a new lower price point.

The S spec model has the same handmade, in the UK, folded alloy frames as the top-end Factory version, but is built up with a more budget-minded range of components and parts.

A 170mm travel RockShox Yari up front saves a chunk of change over a Lyrik or Fox 36, while a Monarch Plus R DB rear shock provides the backend goods while not breaking the bank.

The front hub is a budget Joytech model while the 1 x 11 speed groupset is from the Shimano SLX family, with cost-conscious Shimano MT500 disc brakes and 203mm rotors front and rear.

The Orange Alpine 6 E Factory costs a cool £7,800.00.

Orange has opted for a mix of own brand Strange items for the QR seat post collar and grips, while Kore makes up the majority of the other parts included a 150mm travel dropper post.

What we’re surprised to see is a Hope Pro 4 rear hub and a Shimano STEPS E8000 drive unit, the same as the rest of the Orange Alpine 6 E range rather than the newly realised E7000, a motor system aimed at reducing eMTB pricing.

Even with this clever mix of componentry, we wouldn’t go as far as saying the Alpine 6 E S is cheap though. At £5600 it’s still a pricey bike and being an S spec bike means you can only choose Fizzy Orange as the colour whereas more expensive versions get a custom colour option.

Not cheap, just cheaper.

If you’re not quite convinced on the idea of a single pivot, handmade, Orange eMTB then Orange has put together the following video showing you just what these Shimano STEPS equipped bikes are capable of.

For more information about the Orange Alpine 6 E S, and other Orange bikes visit their official website here.

Alpine 6 E – Go Epic from Orange Mountain Bikes on Vimeo.

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    Im not seeing that as one of the best mtb adverts…..

    £5600!? You could buy a……Oh never mind.

    Damn did not think my ebike hate could get any worse, well done Orange can see mtbs getting banned off Snowdon with those off piste lines and camera friendly roosting I,m loosing the love for STW with their bike lovein #sadtimes

    Looks great, good to see STW showing love for all types of mountain biking❤️

    Still one of the fugliest looking e-bikes available.

    That’s a bit rich isn’t it coming from you Postie, what with your regular love and promotion of riding the “cheeky” lines!!

    Double standards me thinks!

    One of the most fun e-bikes money can buy ⚡️

    About to post “I must be getting old but…” and I see I’m not alone. Kicking up stones and barging past on the climbs….great.

    Was in Leisure Lakes at weekend and they had one there – I’m an Orange fan having had a couple of Fives, but my god this thing is fugly in the flesh, and huge! Did the customary brake lever squeeze and lifting of the front end….nearly put my back out!!!!

    It is not a mountain bike.

    The weight gives it an amazing amount of grip

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