80° seat tube! Pole Stamina Pre-Sales To Start Next Week

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Just 1 month ago we wrote a story about the Finnish brand Pole and their plan to release another bike using its unique CNC/Bonded frame construction method. Since that initial news story, Pole has really leaned on the throttle and prototype Pole Stamina frames have been machined, built, tested and pre-sales are already on the cards.

Apparently, Pole is so pleased with the initial prototypes and testing, that they are gearing up to kick-off presales of the Stamina on the 18th November. Pricing is yet to be confirmed but we don’t expect it to be especially cheap.

Are you planning to pre-order?

So, what makes the Pole Stamina so exciting other than the way it is made? Well, the numbers are pretty hilarious. For example look at the seat tube angle, 80°, that’s the steepest seat post angle that we’ve seen on a production bike to date and is in keeping with Pole’s thoughts on sizing and geometry.

At the opposite end of the Stamina is a 63.5° head angle and the reach between this two radical angles is a whopping 480mm on a size medium frame, that’s longer than Mondraker long.

Leo putting the prototype Stamina to test.

Keeping the balance between the long front is a long rear, and chain stays measuring 455mm, although we’re not sure if this measurement will change on smaller and larger sized frames, but should ensure a stable ride on choppy terrain.

Pole says that the Stamina is the “ultimate bike to go fast” which is why 29in wheels have been chosen and why the bike boasts 180mm of front and rear travel and a wheelbase of 1306mm.

It’s long but not too long to corner.

Here are a few highlights of the new Pole Stamina frame from the Pole website:

  • The shock is moved inside the front triangle. The advantage is that we can make more straight seat tube and have better clearance for the seat post cable. Also, the shock is now away from dirt (not that it was a problem anyway)
  • New links hold the bearings inside so that there are no visible seals outside. When the bearings are covered, there are less mechanical failures to the seals on the bearings. There are no double seals and never will be. The double seals would also seal water inside and reduce the bearing life.
  • Seat tube angle is 80º (effective 81º). It’s hilarious that in 2014 we started to play with 76.5º and every time we went steeper angle the bike worked better.
  • Head tube angle is 63,5º
  • Chainstay length is 455mm
  • Reach is 480mm (Medium)
  • Hed tube 135mm
  • Wheelbase 1306mm
  • Travel 180mm in both ends
  • Shock is 75mm x 250mm
  • Seat post – 34,9mm

Compared to the Pole Machine which was the first bike to use Poles machined frame manufacturing method, the Stamina gets an uninterrupted seat tube, 20mm more rear wheel travel and internal headset cups for a lower front end.

Pole Machine framesets cost 3,800 Euros, and we expect the Stamina frameset to cost around the same once pre-sales begin on Monday 18th November.

Here’s Leo Kokkonen talking us through his latest creation.

What do you make of this new longer than long Pole and its mega steep seat tube? Let us know in the comments below.

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