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This week at Singletrack there has been some drama. Someone used the last of the oat milk without saying anything, there was a birthday cake with no candles, and thanks to the changing of the seasons, half of the staff have got a cold. But nothing stands in the way of Fresh Goods Friday, and we’ve got a great selection for you this week.

2019 Norco Fluid FS 1


Sold as their new favourite, no-compromise full suspension trail bike, the new Norco Fluid FS boasts 130mm front travel, 120mm rear with Boost 29er wheels. Take a look at our first look article for more information.

PNW Bachelor Dropper Post

Please note the textured cuff – it feels lovely.

Available in 150mm or 170mm drop for both 30.9mm and 31.6mm seat tubes (150mm 31.6mm pictured), the Bachelor dropper is an internally routed dropper post made from lightweight 7050 alloy.

No owners manual?! I would be mad, but I am glad, not a little bit sad, because trees are rad.

It uses an air cartridge as opposed to a coil spring, allowing for an adjustable return rate. Lever included but you can upgrade to one of PNW’s fancier levers when you order…

PNW Loam Lever

Hannah ordered grey, to match her mood.

…Fancy levers! Available in three colours, the thumb pad has a no-slip grip, and the lever itself claims to be weatherproof thanks to an oversized sealed bearing paired with an additional seal. The packaging is 100% recyclable too, because trees are RAD.

Alpinestars Andres Tech Shirt

Singletrack does not own an iron.

Made from a cotton and poly flannel blend, this shirt also offers a windproof layer on the upper chest and shoulders, reinforced elbows, a zipped pocket on the back and poppers instead of buttons for high speed shirt removal.

Fox Gorman Overshirt 2.0

That gate is not secure.

Hidden beneath this stylish flannel shirt is a thermal lining, offering protection from both cold weather and ‘trail overgrowth’ (I think what they really mean is if you crash, you wont graze as much). Heavier duty than your average flannel shirt, and aptly named overshirt, it’s somewhere between a shirt and a jacket.

100% Brisker Cold Weather Glove

… or do you take?

These softshell gloves are lightly insulated with printed graphics on the palms to aid grip. The integrated tech thread on the index fingers allows you to set your Strava going, and the wrist closure should hopefully keep the weather out.

70% of the effort, 100% of the time.

Available in six different colours, all of which will prompt you to put more effort in. The gloves pictured are a medium, modelled by Amanda who normally wears a small, so they’re quite a snug fit.

Tioga Undercover Stratum Saddle

Fart sieve.

This futuristic looking saddle claims to have ‘extraordinary comfort with half the bulk’, is super lightweight and has a SpyderWeb shell base which is designed to act as suspension… for your butt.

If you have trypophobia, this one’s not for you.

The cutouts on the base are designed to compress on impact and rebound for continuous shock absorption whilst riding. The saddle has adequate space in the centre to minimise pressure on the perineal region (or as Ross calls it, the stinky stink bridge).

Ergon GE1 EVO Slim Grips

    • Price: £35.99 / €39.95
    • From: Ergon
ergon ge1 grips
New slim-sized grips from Ergon, freshly harvested from the garden.

Wil’s just gotten in some fresh grips from German brand Ergon, in the form of these bright orange GE1 EVOs (also available in black). These are the Factory version, which sees them come with a stickier rubber compound compared to the standard GE1 EVO grips. The entire GE1 EVO range is available in standard or slim sizes, and the slim size show here sees a bit of the fat cut out of the grip to create a thinner diameter that’s better suited for Small/Medium gloved hands. There’s a single inboard locking clamp, with the grip shape flared at the end to encourage you to ride with your hands nice and wide on the bars.

Ergon SM Pro Men’s Saddle

    • Price: €109.99
    • From: Ergon
ergon saddle
A window into the soul?

Ergon’s range of mountain bike saddles continues to widen…. no, that doesn’t work. Err, expand? Hmm, that doesn’t work either. How about multiply? Right, so Ergon has more saddles now. This is the new ‘SM’ saddle, and it’s the first bloke’s saddle from Ergon that has a channel cutout through the upper, along with what we can only assume is a convenient ventilation hole. You can get the saddle in two widths, depending on the girth of your sit bones. There are three different levels, with this one being the top-end SM Pro option, which gets TiNox metal rails, a Microfibre upper, and AirCell® padding that’s a little lighter than the foam used in the cheaper versions. Ergon also offers the SM saddle design in a women’s version, and – believe it or not – an e-bike specific version too.

Singletrack Issue 121

The cutest issue of Singletrack ever. Look at the puppy! LOOK AT HIM.

Issue 121 of Singletrack has landed, and it’s a good one. We’ve sent a neuroscientist to MIPS headquarters, we’ve been speaking to landowners about trail building, we rode the ‘worst ride in the Lake District’, and The Cure bassist Simon Gallup invited us into his home to poke around his bike collection. Most importantly you can find out the story behind that cute pooch on the cover! Plus much more. Buy it. Go on.

That’s all for this week, so go enjoy your weekend and make sure to tag Singletrack in any nice riding photos you get.

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