Video: Dudes of Hazzard Muckle Day Out

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Those Scottish boys, the Dudes of Hazzard, have been up to things again – riding bikes in ways that make the rest of us sigh. At least they look a bit cold and uncomfortable for some of it, making this video just a bit more relatable.

muckle day Dudes of hazzard
Scottish summer.


Not sure you want to watch it? Here’s the blurb:

With a wet and wild Autumn and winter in Fort William on the cards the firm and dry trails could soon be making an abrupt exit after an uncharacteristically hot and dry summer, making way for muddy ruts, frozen feet and washing machines full of muddy kit on overdrive.

After spending a lot of the summer away racing and riding in mainland Europe, missing the fine home conditions, Liam and James decided to get out for one last big muckle day on the firm trails before heading off to EWS Spain, likely to return to wet bog ruts a few weeks later.

Several laps of the steep trails in Glen Nevis kicked the day off before heading up to the high open hillsides. Liam foolishly drops his gloves on the way up and has to suffer the cold and wind up top – an omen of the months to come. The boys swiftly steam back down to the woods to end the day on a high.


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    Is it me or is that chains on the wrong side of the bike around 35 seconds into the vid?

    @markrh Good spot! Wtf? Will endeavour to find out what that’s all about.

    @markrh I have an answer from the Dudes: “I mirror imaged a few of the clips on one trail- in part to mischief with the other locals who know all the tracks, it looks so different mirrored that I assumed they would be confused about the section… and in part I like to just add things to see if anyone notices. So good work to the person who noticed!”

    Still, I’m a bit sad it’s not some freak prototype 🙂

    Nonsense, fake!

    If it were mirrored they’d be going up hill dead, dead fast.

    The reality is none of this (any of this) happened (happens).

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