Video: A Slice Of Ariégeoise Pie

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We not sure how to say it. Ariégeoise. Ar-ee-ay-jwaz? We’ve googled it, it’s in the Pyrenees, on the border with Andorra – which is of course the home of Commençal. It looks like it’s fun to ride there – though we’d be sure to take all possible pads if we were riding with this lot, they’re a bit crashy. They bounce well though.

We’re working up to this.

In between the crashing, there’s plenty of jumping, whooping and wheelie-ing. If you’re a wheels on the ground rider, don’t expect to find much to learn from here, but there’s plenty to keep you entertained and the riders’ enthusiasm certainly comes across.

It’s a bit of a homage to A Slice of British pie, though the soundtrack is a little less ear hurty than some of that film (but parent types might not find the opening track quite safe for younger ears). We don’t know enough about tricks to know if the ‘world first’ really is a world first, or indeed what it might be called. The limbo? The lumbar pain? Look to the skies?

If anyone knows what this trick is actually called, let us know in the comments below.

Andorran enduro machine.

Of course it’s all in the name of advertising the Clash, Commençal’s big travel enduro bike, which starts at just under £2,000 for a complete bike. Or at least they did last time we checked. They start at €2,199…what’s that worth now? And now? And…

Right, enough procrastination. Allons-y!

Une part de tarte Ariégeoise s’il vous plaît.

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    Casual child abuse and some lovely misogyny. I’m out!

    Not bad, cool music but the speeds maan, it is for real ?

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