The Trillion Shug Becomes The Shand Shug And Shand Cycles First Hardcore Hardtail

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Are you looking at the ‘new’ Shand Shug and thinking to yourself “Huh, I’m sure I’ve seen this before” well that’s because you probably have. You see that Shand Shug wasn’t always a Shand but a Trillion. Remember now? or more confused? Let’s try and clear this up.

You may remember Trillion as a UK based bike brand that appeared out of nowhere with a hardcore hardtail named the Prime, we actually reviewed that bike and after hearing what we had to say about it Trillion actually went back to the drawing board. In fact, they went to the drawing board at Shand Cycles, who announced they would manufacture Trillion bikes back in October 2017.

shand shug
It’s the same, but it’s yellow and has a Shand badge.

The next time we heard from Trillion was at Fort William this year in June where they had the new Shug on display, which is basically the same bike as the yellow model we have here.

shand shug
See? Shand.

We’re not sure why the Trillion Shug is now called the Shand Shug and all we got when we asked is “It’s a long story” but the point is it’s still here and looks like it’s ready for customers to start ordering, which is good news because this looks ace.

shand shug
The Shug is a slack bike with rather large wheels.

Like the original bike, the Shand Shug is made from Tig welded Reynolds 853 and designed around a 130mm travel fork, in this case, a Cane Creek Helm. The frame features a threaded bottom bracket, 30.9mm diameter seat tube, external hose/cable routing and a set of bottle mounts on the downtube.

shand shug
The Shug is designed around a 130mm fork.

On the geometry end of things, the Shug is purposely long, low and slack, Slack with a capital ‘S’. The head tube angle on this bike with 130mm fork plugged in is 64°, combine this to a 75° seatpost and 475mm reach on a size L frame and we’re looking at a rather progressive bike.

Shand/Trillion designed the Shug with plenty of wheels and tyre clearance so you can choose to run either 27.5in or 29in wheels, the bike shown here is fitted with 29in wheels and massive 2.6in tyres and still has plenty of clearance.

shand shug
Shand quality just as we’ve come to expect.

Frame only pricing is around £1,000, but for £1,595 you get the frame and a Cane Creek Helm fork. As Shand builds frames to order, customers also have the option for custom fit and geometry along with custom colours at an additional cost.

If you fancy a Shug then more details can be found over on the Shand Cycles website now, which confusingly still lists the Shug as a Trillion….

Shand Shug Features

  • Made in the UK
  • Reynolds 853 steel front triangle & Dedacciai stays
  • Clearance for up to a 29×2.6in or 27.5×3.0in tyre
  • Designed for 130mm travel forks
  • 64° head angle
  • 75° seat angle
  • 435mm chainstay length
  • Threaded bottom bracket shell
  • Boost 148x12mm thru-axle
  • External cable routing with CNC machined cable clamps
  • Stealth dropper compatible
  • Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Available in 14 different colour options

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