“It looks like the worst 90’s mountain bike reimagined” – Rocker Mini DH Bike Launched

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The mini BMX craze may have settled but could we be on the verge of an all-new mini bike craze? Nah, we don’t think so either, but Rocker BMX do and they’re hoping that the “Mini Rig” miniature downhill bike will be the Christmas must-have of 2018!

“It looks like the worst 90’s mountain bike reimagined” – Ross.

We actually reported on the idea of Rocker’s Mini Downhill bike last year, but it has taken a year of testing for the company to feel confident enough to actually release the bike.. we never thought they would actually sell them!

Christened the “Mini Rig” by Rocker Ambassador Harry Main, this high-tensile steel full-suspension bike is now available to pre-order for the princely sum of £299.00.

Short, tall and steel is the new LLS

According to the marketing blurb, the Mini Rig is an “easy to ride, micro-savage machine. Destined to be launched down a steep incline near you.” But with only a single, cable activated disc brake on the rear we’re not convinced we would be hitting steep slopes quite so savagely, perhaps gingerly with a look of sheer terror.

The suspension system is a simple single pivot design running on sealed bearings to offer a whopping 60mm of travel. The Rocker website doesn’t mention who makes the suspension, but it does appear that the rear shock is an air unit and can be set up with a shock pump at home. The forks look like your typical “Walmart” items but adapted to make way for the wider, mini BMX wheels and knobbly tyres.

Seatpost the wrong way for reduced reach!

Parts are a mismatch of mountain bike components, handlebar and stem, and BMX kit, 3-piece 4130 cranks, single speed microdrive drivetrain. Rocker is offering the Mini Rig in black, gold and teal colours with options to choose alternative grip and wheel colours.

Should we get one in for test? Who in the Singletrack office would hit the dirt on one of these? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Whoever orders one of these needs to put new from teeth on their Christmas list, that belongs in Room 101.

    My kid insisted on a Rocker BMX one Christmas. The novelty soon wore off, as I suspect, it would with one of these.
    Video of some fellas riding at my local DH spot : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFT-xCkq2Fk

    His videos are quite entertaining but Harry Main really will put his name to any old shit in order to fund his Division 2 footballer lifestyle

    Good Gawd – Mr Main has a lot to answer for. Thats an eyesore!

    I nearly bought a Rocker a while back just for teh lolz, this is even more tempting.

    I do wish Rocker would GTF.

    They should have made it with a URT for the full bag’o’$hoite behaviour.

    How long til someone drops a seat post too close to the shock and punctures the air can when the rear end moves?

    @robertajobb, the air can will move away from the seatpost when it compresses

    I am literally going to go out right now and not buy one of those..


    Are people really going to spend £300 of their hard earned money on this POS?

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