Calibre Hopes To Bring Dirt Jumping To The Masses With The £550 Astronut

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Without heading to the Google search bar, do you know how much a competition ready dirt jump bike costs? No? Us either, but after a hunt around it looks like you could expect to pay anywhere from £900+ for something that can take serious, everyday abuse, or it at least it used to.

Calibre Bicycles, have been stirring up the mountain bike market for a few years already and the brand’s ability to build stupendously good bikes that don’t cost a fortune is well known, just look at how many happy Bossnut/Beastnut riders there are out on the trails.

This could be you!

Now the brand has turned it’s attention to the dirt jump market with the release of the Calibre Astronut, a proven bike that is on sale right now.

Although the Astronut has only just been made available to the public, the bike has been ridden in competition, most recently at Crankworx Rotura by Simon Pages, and if it’s good enough for Crankworx style obstacles then it should be more than enough bike for the local dirt jumps/skatepark/pumptrack.

This complete bike for £550!

Calibre designed the Astronut frame around 26in wheels, with a longer than usually front end so that riders coming off a standard mountain bike will feel right at home. Keeping to the DJ credentials, the Astronut gets a Manitou Circus Sport suspension fork, Schwalbe Table Top 26 x 2.25in tyres, and Pivotal saddle and post.

1×1 only.
Manitou Circus DJ forks and Tektro brakes.

The frame itself is made of hydroformed 6061 alloy with horizontal dropouts and single speed only drivetrain. Although most riders will normally ditch the front brake, Calibre supplies the Astronut with front and rear Tektro hydraulic brakes and 160mm rotors.

All in all this little black and red beauty looks pretty sorted, and at just £550 for the complete bike, it’s not so expensive that we can’t not justify buying one for some winter BMX track fun.

Calibre has full details of the Astronut on the official website, but if you want to but one visit GoOutdoors.

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