BikeYoke Releases Superlight And Hacksaw Compatible Divine SL Dropper Post

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German component maker, BikeYoke, has developed a new dropper post to add to its range of posts. The new dropper is aimed at XC racers, has 80mm of drop and weighs as little as 345g when adjusted to suit your bike.

Over the past couple of years, we have reviewed a couple of BikeYoke’s Revive dropper posts and have always come away from them really impressed, in fact, the Revive has been nominated for a 2018 Singletrack Readers Award.

The Divine SL can be cut to length which saves even more weight.

What makes the Revive design a little different from other brands is the posts ability to “self-heal” meaning that it will never need bleeding. We’ve been through the full details in our previous reviews, here and here, so we won’t repeat them, what we will do though is tell you about the new Divine SL post.

BikeYoke claims that the Divine SL dropper post is the lightest dropper post currently on the market, well the lightest 30.9mm or 31.6mm diameter dropper on the market.

Out of the box a 30.9mm diameter Divine SL measures 400mm in length and weighs in at 385g. However, thanks to the hacksaw friendly design, i.e you can cut it to length, that weight can drop to just 345g at a length of 285mm. To further reduce weight, BikeYoke has created a tapered design meaning the post is narrower at the top.

As with previous BikeYoke posts, the Divine SL can be serviced at home with basic tools and the cartridge is sealed so you don’t need to worry about spilling oil all over the kitchen. The post also uses the Revive system, but seeing as it only has 80mm of drop, BikeYoke say that the Divine SL doesn’t need the manual Revive reset lever that we saw on later Revive posts.

In addition to the new post,  2 new cable remotes have been released too. Both work with current BikeYoke posts, and we don’t see why they shouldn’t work on other cable operated droppers too.

Triggy X dropper remote with new adjustments.

The Triggy X remote is similar to the current Triggy which we have already tested but adds the ability to adjust the lever position by 6mm. The Triggy X is designed for 1x drive systems and will work with virtually all matchmaker adapters on the market for most popular brake brands, SRAM, Shimano, Magura, Formula, Hope etc.

BikeYoke 2x dropper remote.

For riders who still run a front mech, the new BikeYoke 2-by Remote has been developed.

As mentioned above the BikeYoke Divine SL is available in 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameter options, the company currently has no plan to release a narrow 27.2 version as they believe the smaller diameter creates to much flex.

If you fancy a Divine SL then you can head over to the BikeYoke website and order one now for $399.99. Deliveries are expected to ship in November and all orders made before Christmas will receive a free pair of BikeYoke socks.

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