Scottish Moto Extravaganza! – Episode 1

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Sam Flanagan returns with the latest ‘Trippin’ Boys’ adventure. This time up to the west coast of Scotland with a bunch of shonky motorbikes and a whole lot of scenery…

Merge together a love of exploration, motorbikes, mountain bikes and down right good times and this is exactly what comes out of the other side. With nothing but a throbbing 125 between our legs and the open road stretching out in front of us we upped sticks straight into the eye of the first storm of one of our driest summers on record.


Scotland… The land of midges and rain, but also home to some of the finest coastal roads and mountain bike trails the world has to offer. Who could say no to a west coast moto adventure, cruising the small perfectly formed twisty back roads up to Applecross, stopping off to setup camp for the evening and stretch the legs on the push bikes. The mythical Torridon is the focus for episode one of our adventure and after overcoming some minor adversities it certainly did not disappoint.

Episode 2

With episode two taking the chaps to the far flung Outer Hebredies in search of down right good times and maybe even a fish or two make sure you tune in next week just to see if they make it without any breakdowns!

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