Look At These Customised Saracen Mysts Heading To The World Champs

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Three Madison Saracen riders will be heading to the Downhill World Champs at Lenzerheide this weekend, and to mark the occasion they’ve all been given new custom painted Saracen Mysts. So, perhaps Matt Walker won’t be needing that one we saw at Fort William anymore then? Let’s take a look at what they’ll be riding in search of global glory.

Danny Hart

Probably the last time you’ll see this standing still.
Like having your name on the coat peg at school?

Danny has a kind of rune font thing going on here – maybe hoping for some Northern England Borderlands Viking Spirit to keep him flying improbably from rock to rock?

Bleeding fast?
What reach is just right for winning?
Rule Britannia!
Bow down before your god.
Red (White And Blue) Fox
Probably won’t be touching these too much?

We think these brakes are probably wasted on Danny. Send them to us. We might actually use them.

So you don’t forget where you are.

Obviously, Danny won’t be able to ride this bike at any other race, so he might as well send it to us when he’s done. We don’t mind second-hand cast-offs. We’ll even wash it, just stick it in a box and send it to Singletrack Towers, we’ll take care of the rest.

Alex Marin

Viva España!

Obviously, Alex should have been sponsored by another bike company and it would have saved them the cost of a lot of stickers, but hey, Saracen made the catch. Being Spanish, Alex has a Bandera de España themed flag.

Read the small print.
Did someone put that head badge on wonky?

Anyone who has ever built Lego may feel a little twitchy about the alignment of these lines. Getting those damn spacecraft vent stickers to line up just so…gah!

How it feels to be a rock on the trail.
Like a dragon with a long curly tongue?
Matchy bar ends too.

Bar ends are very important. Make sure you have some, even if they don’t match your bike as well as this.

Let’s hope for clean runs and no real blood.
El Plato.

Matt Walker

Another Brit lurking in the woods.

Last year’s Junior World Champion has stepped up to join the grown-ups and so far has been riding well, and even beat Danny Hart to the National Champion’s title.

Streaky fast.
No mud getting in here.

This looks like text added to the photo…

A sticker to keep the mud out?

…but it is actually part of the finishing on the bike. It doubles as a cover to keep the mud out because even downhillers can be weight weenies?

Kashima, of course.

There’s no word in the press release accompanying these shots to say whether they’ll be donning equally coordinated pyjamas for the weekend’s racing. Obviously, we’ll be tuning in to find out.

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