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GoPro Hero 7 Range Official Announced With Lower Pricing And New Features

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After weeks of leaks and speculation, GoPro has finally released official details for the new GoPro Hero 7. You’ll notice that we’ve not referred to this action camera as an “all-new” GoPro, because it isn’t, but it does offer some major changes.

After the leaks, we were already aware that GoPro was planning to release 3 versions of the Hero 7. Prices will start at £179.99 for the base model GoPro Hero White, a slightly better spec Hero 7 Silver will cost £279.99 while pricing for the flagship Hero 7 Black is still unconfirmed.

What has been confirmed about the GoPro Hero 7 Black is that it uses very similar hardware to the current Hero 6, it even uses the same self-developed GP1 chipset that was launched last year. The only real change in hardware for the Black is a boost in the amount of RAM (they’re not saying how much) which has been enough for GoPro technicians to unlock the true power of the GP1.

The GoPro Hero 7 Black gets all the latest features.

Image stabilisation, or Hypersmooth as GoPro calls it, has seen a major update thanks to this RAM update and GP1 development time. Users who have already had time with the camera claim that the video looks like it is shot with a gimbal it’s so smooth. The feature works electronically rather than optically and actually crops the video slightly to remove any movements, however, updates to the GP1 also allows the camera to predict movements to further improve stabilisation.

The Hero 7 now supports live streaming.

Another features offered on the GP1 equipped Hero 7 Black is “SuperPhoto” an HDR style photo enhancement similar to what we have on our smartphones, a “TimeWarp” time-lapse feature and the ability to Live stream video via your phone to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and other social media services.

Portrait video is also new.

If you’re just interested in shooting a video then you’ll be happy to learn the Hero 7 Black still does this and can at 4K @60fps.

Also in the new GoPro range are the Hero 7 White and Silver, neither of which come with the GP1 processor so aren’t quite as feature-packed as the flagship, however, they do both offer a rear touch screen, voice control and time-lapse features. The cheaper Hero 7 White films at 1080p while the Silver handles 4K video @30fps.

The GoPro Hero 7 White is the most affordable at £179.99.

Interestingly the Hero Silver and White have a none user-removable battery, while the Black uses the same replaceable battery as the current Hero 6. All cameras have very similar dimensions and can be used with Hero 5 and 6 accessories.

There are more details available on all 3 Hero 7 cameras over on the official GoPro website, along with a preorder option for those of you early adopter types.

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    @CraigW yup, but most phones are made like this now and they seem to last just fine. Also, I’m sure it’s an item that GoPro can replace for you once it’s time.

    not hugely concerned about the battery death, compared to phones on a daily charge cycle; but no changing batteries midway through a ride/activity may be a deal breaker for some.

    With battery life of 60-80 minutes on the GP6…a non-replaceable battery isn’t going to cut it. The improved stabilization of the Black looks great.

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