BLUEGRASS LEGIT Carbon Full Face Helmet Now Official

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We saw a lot at Fort William this year, but one item that managed to remain under our radar was the prototype carbon BLUEGRASS full face helmet. We blame the fact that UR Polygon, the team running the secret lid were all on secret bikes and we were all staring down rather than looking up.

Anyway, that secret full face has now been officially revealed to the world and is available in the UK, Europe and U.S.

Carbon shell with MIPS inside.

Named the LEGIT, this full-face race lid is has been designed with input from top riders from all disciplines including Mick Hannah, Tracey Hannah, Sam Blenkinsop and even riding legend Brett Tippie, as well as undergoing in-house crash testing which saw over 200 helmets to the limits.

The premium lid sports a lightweight carbon fibre outer shell paired with a multi-impact EPS liner creating something which is comfortable and lightweight to wear while offering maximum protection.

The visor unclips in the event of a crash for added rider protection.

Added safety features on the BLUEGRASS LEGIT include a flexible safety-release visor, which unclips on impact to prevent twisting of the neck and MIPS, a feature found on most top of the range helmets is also present.  The LEGIT also has “Hearing Vents” which aren’t only useful when talking about your “sickline” but also add a degree of safety too.

To ensure the LEGIT is comfortable, BLUEGRASS has developed an ASTM certified breathable chin guard, and air channelling that ensures a flow of cool air at both low and high speeds.

A fancy carry case keeps the carbon lid LEGIT!

The fact that this is classed as a “Premium” helmet and that it’s made of carbon fibre should give you enough clues that this is going to be more expensive than some full-face helmets released this year.

In the UK the BLUEGRASS LEGIT carbon will cost £400, riders in Europe should expect to pay 450 Euros while U.S customers should be able to buy the LEGIT for $499.

Bluegrass LEGIT Carbon – Ride Legit from Bluegrass on Vimeo.

5 sizes ranging from XS to XL will be offered in 4 colour options including Black Red; Stealth Black / Iridescent Green; Black White / Fluo Yellow; Black Yellow with Matt Finishing.


  • XS | 52/54 cm | 1100 g
  • S | 54/56 cm | 1100 g
  • M | 56/58 cm | 1100 g
  • L | 58/60 cm | 1200 g
  • XL | 60/62 cm | 1200 g
  • RRP: 450€ | £400 | $499
  • Durable helmet case with integrated goggle pocket (into the box)

If you’re in the market for a top-of-the-range full face helmet and the LEGIT looks like the one you want, you’ll have to wait until November when they should hit shelves. More details available over on the BLUEGRASS website.

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