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Twiddle My Joystick, Is This The Last Fresh Goods Friday Of Summer? – FGF 411

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We’re a little worried, the weather is turning, it’s getting colder, we’ve received winter clothing in the mail. Is this really the end of our glorious weather? Is this the last Fresh Goods Friday of Summer? Let’s not dwell though, instead feast your eyes on the latest kit to arrive at Singletrack Towers.

Soooo slack… for an XC bike.

Intense Sniper XC Pro

The new Intense Sniper took us all a little by surprise when it launched. For an XC bike it’s pretty slack with a 67.5º head angle, and with Intense’s new pricing structure a Sniper is now less expensive than ever. That said, this Pro level bike still costs £4749.00 which is hardly cheap, just cheaper than it would have been.

This being the XC build, we have 100mm travel front and rear, with a 44mm offset Fox 32 Step-Cast fork the Trail version of the bike uses the same frame only with a 51mm offset fork and 120mm travel. Other items include 29in wheels, SRAM X01/GX 12 speed drivetrain, and Shimano XT cranks.

Intense Sniper manual
If only every bike came with a sweet torque wrench and shock pump…

Intense Sniper Toolkit and Owners Manual

When you’re spending serious amounts of money on a new bike then it makes sense to invest in good-quality tools to put it together. If you buy an Intense though, you receive a pretty sweet toolkit FOC. This fancy box contains a rather nice torque wrench with various drives, a quality shock pump and owners’ manuals and warranty documents for your frame, components and suspension.

curtis am7
Feel my brazing!

Curtis AM7 Complete Bike

  • Price: Around £4,000 for a complete bike.
  • From: Curtis Bikes

The Curtis AM7 is going to be tested under our tame enduro rider, Chipps! Brian Curtis, the founder of Curtis bikes, hand brazes each AM7 here in the UK and will even customise geometry and frame specs to suit rider specifications. The AM7 is designed around a 150-140mm travel fork and is made of a mix of Reynolds 853, 631 and Columbus tubing. For more info take a look at our Curtis AM7 news story here.

gore h5 hooded active jacket
Someone looks happy with themselves.

GORE® H5 GORE-TEX® Active Hooded Jacket

  • Price: £319.99
  • From: GORE

The latest GORE active jacket isn’t mountain bike specific but designed for anything from a “fast hike” across the moors, to a swift pint at your local. Gore promises a balance of breathability, and water resistance while remaining fully windproof.

GORE® H5 GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Insulated Hooded Jacket
Warm Ross = Mean Ross

GORE® H5 GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Insulated Hooded Jacket

  • Price: £319.99
  • From: GORE

Another “do-it-all” jacket from GORE, but with added insulation to keep you toasty warm even on the coldest of days. Again we’re looking at a breathable and windproof jacket, and there are some neat added features like an integrated face warmer hidden inside the hood too.

Andi quite obviously on the pull.


  • Price: £159.99
  • From: GORE

A soft versatile windstopper that looks rather smart. In another sign that summer is coming to an end, the GORE Windstopper Shirt is designed for cooler temperatures. Again, this isn’t a cycle specific product but aimed at all outdoor activities including looking glamorous.

Ha ha ha, yes it’s all good fun. Now take the F!$%in photo!

GORE® C5 GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ 1985 Insulated Jacket

  • Price: £319.99
  • FromGORE

The GORE Shakedry, insulated jacket is designed for the “demanding athlete” so we’ve no idea how Andi has ended up with it. The lightweight material offers maximum protection no matter the weather conditions, with Polartec Alpha material for minimal weigh insulation, which sadly means you’ll have no reason not to go out training this winter.

gore thermo gloves
The number 7


  • Price: £59.99
  • FromGORE

Insulated GORE gloves with thermo lining and a silicone print for added grip. Like all the GORE jackets we’ve been sent, these gloves are windproof, breathable and water repellent.

gore socks
It’s surprisingly difficult to shoot socks.


  • Price: £39.99
  • FromGORE

With your body, and hands covered in GORE it would be silly not to have your delicate feet protected too. These Partial Gore socks are designed with Spring and Autumn riding conditions in mind and are a wind and water resistant alternative to bulky overshoes.

Rock the Rock Bar Rock the Rock Bar!

Rock Bar Gear Storage Case

Ever needed to carry 7lb of steel in a low profile storage case that mounts to your handlebars? Who are we kidding? We’ve all wished for that! The Rock Bar isn’t the name of a Heavy Metal themed bar (well, it probably is) but a multi-purpose storage case that attaches to your bike, bars, your pack, or even a set of rigid forks.

Amanda enjoyed photographing Fresh Goods this week

Clif Bar Nut Bars

  • Price: £1.99
  • From: Extra

Tasty energy treats from Clif pumped full of various flavours of organic peanut butter. In an attempt to be professional I tried to locate the box containing said chocolate, hazelnut and peanut bars but since Amanda shot the photos they’ve gone missing… So has she…

joystick binary carbon saddle
Retro 8bit styling combined with cutting-edge carbon construction.

Joystick Binary Carbon Saddle

The Binary range of products from Joystick is aimed at Enduro racing, but with carbon rails, the Binary saddle promises to be as lightweight as it is tough. The saddle also features a slightly flatter shape compared to the Analog saddle along with a low-profile nose design. We’ll let you know how our behinds get on with this high-tech perch ASAP.

Joystick Binary Stem
We have the 50mm reach option on test.

Joystick Binary Stem

In addition to the new Binary carbon saddle, we also have a complete Joystick Binary cockpit to deck one of our test bikes out with. The Binary stem is fully CNC machined and is available with a 35mm or 50mm reach. There are also options for standard 31.8mm or larger 35mm bars.

Joystick Binary Carbon Bar
Good enough for EWS champs!

Joystick Binary Carbon Handlebar

Our Binary stem will be used to secure a set of Joystick Binary Carbon Handlebars. These 800mm wide bars are currently a favourite with EWS teams around the globe so surely they’re up to the job of keeping us tame Singletrackers in check. The 35mm diameter bar gets a 9º bend and 6º upsweep and cost £129.99.

Joystick Imprint Single Clamp Grip
Joystick Imprint Single Clamp Grip

Joystick Imprint Single Clamp Grip

The Imprint is a new model for 2018 and features just a single clamp to keep them in place. There’s a new pattern which feels rather soft, but we’ll have to pop them on a bike and give them a ride before we know how comfortable they are. Keep posted.

Keep your Guy Martin clean.

Proper Cleaner General Bundle By Guy Martin

We don’t have a Guy Martin, let alone one that needs cleaning, but if we had, oh boy would he be clean. Proper Cleaner can also be used on bicycles, but rather than shipping a container filled with the stuff you get an empty spray bottle and a biodegradable pouch that you mix with water from your own tap, or hose (we don’t judge). This General Cleaner Bundle also comes with a front fender too.

Bays beer
Devon has good taste.

Bays Brewery Beer Selection

  • Price: Free (if you get a boatload of Joystick kit from Greenover)
  • FromGreenover Sports

A selection of beers from Bays Brewery courtesy of Greenover Sports. We’ll down these while enjoying these last few sunny evenings.

Right, that’s all for this week now on to what you really came here for. Purging of self-inflicted earworm commences.

Let’s start with a bit of a Clash cover…

Have you heard the latest tune from Róisín Murphy?

And for those who like her earlier work.

Have a lovely weekend!

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