Trail Hunter, The Quantock Hills: From Singletrack Issue 120

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It’s rare that a good idea is found at the bottom of a bottle…

Words & Photography James Vincent

It all started with a message from my sister back in September last year. “I’ve got you the coolest Christmas present ever. You’re going to love it.” Really? I was genuinely intrigued. I mean, this was off the back of me giving her a smoke machine for her last birthday but I managed to keep that one to myself and didn’t need to forewarn her of its awesomeness (initially sceptical, she now loves it). What on earth could be so good that she felt the need to tell me about it that far in advance? Now, if it was a bike, I could understand the excitement, but let’s be realistic here – that’s never going to happen. Of course, I’ve been given bikes before for Christmas, but that was a long time ago, and they were from my parents. Not my sister.

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