Wide tyres, huge towels and a small bike with big wheels – Fresh Goods Friday 405

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Not only are our fellow Union compatriots, the Scots, laughing at us because they can ride all the trails, they’re also a fair chunk into their school summer holidays and they’ve had all the weather. Fingers crossed as us sassenachs head for the motorway queues this weather holds, because we still have six weeks of child occupation ahead of us. It’s going to be great. Siblings are going to play together, their friends will all be nice, and if you go abroad they will embrace the local food with gusto. Those of you who have no children, we are coming. We are coming to take your beaches, disturb your restaurants, and pee in your pools.

Before we enter this idyll of summer days, let us squabble over all that it new. It’s Fresh Goods Friday 405.

Islabikes Beinn 27

Islabike Beinn 27
Adult sized wheels, child sized bike

Recognising that bigger wheels roll over bumps more easily, Islabikes has brought out this new addition to the multipurpose Beinn range by building a low standover frame that takes 27.5in wheels. This replaces the former Beinn 26 Large, and is aimed at children around 10 years and older, or with an inside leg of 68-80cm. With all the usual Islabikes features aimed at a child’s proportions, but with bigger wheels, this could be just what those ‘difficult to buy for’ pre-teens are needing.

Torq Snaq Meals

Recovery pasta?

These are low fat meals-in-a-bag which you add to water and simmer to bring them to life. The come in 3:1 Recovery form, 2:1 Anytime, and 5:1 Carbo-Load forms – with the ratio being the carbs:protein ratio. Perhaps handy for pre-event scoffing, or even bike packing grub?

Bosch Fontus Washer

  • Price: £259.99
  • From: Bosch
Shopping trolley?
Charlie’s Angel or kareoke?

Not in fact a shopping trolley, this is a washer powered by a 18V Li-Ion battery with a 15L water on board water tank. There are three power settings and four spray patterns available, with a cleaning brush. The maximum pressure is 15bar, so Bosch says it’s not a high pressure washer, but has enough to remove mud without destroying bottom brackets, headsets etc.

Hannah’s hair needed extreme attention.

Booicore Changing Towel

Amanda had a little accident.

A giant soft towelling poncho, handy for trailhead changing while retaining one’s dignity, or streetside changing when you’ve already lost it. They come in a range of colours – this one sets Amanda’s hair off nicely, which is obviously important when choosing a towel.

Drysure Shoe Dryers

Staff training included a session on family planning.

These are in fact for putting in your shoes to dry them out – whether that be a spot of post-ride sweat, or a full on river crossing soaking. You can just leave them in your shoes until next time you need them, there’s not heating involved, and you can use them time and time again. Apparently drying your shoes properly not only keeps you from having that unpleasant squishy shoe sensation, but also prevents fungal growth. Mmm…

Howies Bottle Opener

It tastes better when earned.

CNC’d from brass alloy in Yorkshire and attached to a cherry veneered MDF beer mat, this might be the poshest bottle opener we’ve ever laid eyes on. Oh, and this is number one in a limited edition run of 50.

The Man And His Bike

  • Price: £8.99
  • From: All good bookshops.
Hannah is struggling with the long words.

This is a collection of cycling tales which claims to uncover ‘the true soul of cycling’. Apparently it’s hilarious and melancholic. Hannah might read it and find out, though there’s always the risk a book review might turn out like this.

An Outside Kind Of Space

Is Hannah sniffing the book or licking it?

This is a sort of arty coffee table book with pictures of UK riding and ride locations by photographer and rider Andrew Hackett, who makes a living taking wedding photographs – but who wants to look at pictures of other people’s weddings? This is much nicer.

Classic UK scenery.

American Pro

  • Price: $18.95
  • From: All good bookshops.
Pro what? Procrastinator?

Ready? It’s another cycling book. There is going to be a laying of something bare, and something involving soul. There might be something raw. Sure enough, the blurb says: ‘American Pro rips away the thin veneer of professionalism among domestic racing teams to lay bare the heart and soul of a struggling sport’. More holiday reading for Hannah then.

Maxxis Rekon+ and Rekon Race Tyres

  • Price: €74,50 (Rekon+), $64 (Rekon Race)
  • From: Maxxis
All the promo items…

Maxxis is pretty excited about these new tyres and has sent us a big promo box of things to launch its new tyres.

Reminiscent of the Trump baby?
Yes, yes, get on to the tyres…

On to the main topic then, the tyres. There’s the new Rekon+, with a Rekon tread on a huge 2.8in width – for fast rolling summer days perhaps?

Small knobs, big girth.

And then there’s the new Rekon Race, which we got a sneak peek at in Idaho. These are designed to fast over today’s challenging XC courses, and we’ve been sent the version with EXO (not EXO+, which was launched at Eurobike) sidewall protection.

How fast can you go?

Schwalbe G-One Tyres

Many dots, for many surfaces

G-Ones come in a vast array of sizes, and we have them here in 29×2.25in form. Tubeless ready, fast rolling, but capable of tackling a touch of off road, James is planning on having these on his adventure commuter. Because why have a boring ride to work?

Miss Grape Bud Mini Bar Bag

  • Price: £45
  • From: Ison
Keep important things close.

This bag is the right size for a flask or water bottle, or you could fill it with snacks, or even your camera. Whatever you want to hand as you’re riding along. James will be attaching this to his adventure commuter, but it’s compatible with both flat and drop bars.

Specialized SWAT Mountain Liner Bib Shorts

Specialized Wil
Wil attempts to cover his modesty.

Truth be told, we included these bib shorts with pockets a couple of weeks ago, but Wil wasn’t around to model them. When he realised that, he simply had to put them on and perform for the camera. So, here you are, just to round off your Fresh Goods Friday.

Specialized Wil
Pockets! But that’s no excuse to go around without another layer on, Wil.

Onwards, brave parents. Take cover, childless ones. We are coming, with our sticky fingers, our stray balls, and our screaming youngest. If you’re enduring someone else’s children, just remember: your suffering is temporary.

Comments (9)

    no harm in asking. Can I have some maxxis promotional products?

    Howsyourdad1. I like your style?

    Isn’t the 2.8 Rekon+ an existing rather than a ‘new’ tyre – is it the version with the new EXO+ casing or something?

    I was going to ask about Rekon Race sizes as well, but from the link it looks like it’s a 29er x 2.25″ only?

    Nice of you to let Wil out of his box in the Singletrack dungeon. Am I right in thinking that the SWAT bibs have enough space to stash his gimp mask without being unsightly?

    BadlyWiredDog is correct – the Rekon+ is an existing model – I have been running the dual-compound 2.8s since late last year, as they came fitted as stock on my Genesis Tarn 20.

    They are (like many bigger tyres) appalling in the mud, but really come into their own on dry, rocky trails. I did a (very) tough weekend of riding in the dark peaks a month or so back (the beast, cut gate, rushup edge, jacobs ladder, etc) and they were fantastic both uphill and down.

    If I was buying afresh I might have been tempted to fit something slightly burlier on the front (High Roller or one of the Minions), but the Rekon+ stood up to everything, and never once faltered for cornering or braking grip. On the back it had me climbing steep and loose trails I’ve never made it up before. A really good tyre.

    Drysure Shoe Dryers, Price: £24.99

    Newspaper £0.00 😀

    Hey andyspaceman, yep, totally agree on the Rekon+ 2.8 as a rear tyre – I live in the Peak and it’s a good balance between grip and speed in dry to medium conditions and has been on my bike for around six months, maybe more. Ideal round here. I wouldn’t run one on the front tbh, but I can totally recommend the 2.8 Minion DHF if you do decide to go for something grippier.

    Lolz at the changing towel.. 🙂

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