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Top Eurobike Tech Randoms: Lasers, Cheap 12 Speed, Proto Pedals, 998g Forks And More!

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As usual, Eurobike has delivered ALL OF THE GOODS. Below we’ve listed some of the best random bits and bobs from the show. Some are quite obviously pieces of Eurobike Gold and whereas others are, well, a little odd.

Read through our finds and let us know which piece of kit you’d like to see more over on Singletrackworld.com.

Trickstuff Piccola levers
Trickstuff showing the compatibility of its components.

Trickstuff Piccola Levers On Direttissima Calipers

Poking around the Trickstuff booth we spotted this custom Raw Madonna built up with a collection of cool kit from themselves and Intend.

Uber powerful 4 pot Direttissima calipers.

Interestingly the brake system on the bike was a hybrid setup using the lever from the lightweight Trickstuff Piccola and the immensely powerful calipers from the Direttissima – a great option for anyone looking for super powerful brakes that don’t weight a ton.

Cornelius Kapfinger Raw Madonna
This is the personal bike of Cornelius Kapfinger, owner of Intend components.

While the red and blue colour scheme of the bike wasn’t really to our tastes, it was a clever method of showing off those stunning Intend USD forks, matching Intend stem and blue Intend cranks. Speaking of which, Trickstuff might be coming out with its own crankset in the future. You heard it here first!

SB One Bike Parts G3 single speed tensioner.
SB One Bike Parts G3 single speed tensioner.

SB One Bike Parts/Loose Riders Collab

SB One Bike Parts has teamed up with Loose Riders in Germany to produce some components to help you get rad. This first item that looks like tiny rear mech is the SB One G3 a single speed chain tensioner with a built-in damper to ensure your SS downhill bike doesn’t do a ‘Gwin’ on you.

SB ONE Sproket and Mud Spacer.

The G3 will work with 12-17 tooth sprockets, 9,10,11 speed chains and is manufactured from 7075 T6 aluminium. Pricing is 199,95 Euros for the G3 on its own or you can get an SB One G3 drivetrain complete with single speed hub conversion kit and G3 damper for 264,95 Euros.

SB One Bike Parts boner
SB One Bike Parts Boner single speed tensioner.

If you’re riding a hardtail and don’t need a fancy dampening system for your single speed tensioner, SB One makes the Boner for 95,00 Euros.

SB One Bike Parts prototype pedals
SB One Bike Parts prototype pedals.

SB One were also showing a set of prototype pedals at Eurobike too. We’ve got no confirmed details about them apart from them being a CNC machined pedal with long pins and smooth cartridge bearings.

Alutech Fanes NFC head badge.
Alutech Fanes NFC head badge.

Alutech NFC Head Badges

Alutech had the new 170mm travel Fanes on display at Eurobike, the only bike we know of with an NFC chip in its head badge. The idea behind the hidden tech is to allow customers to check details about their bikes such as the model, year made and if the bike is a genuine Alutech or not.

Alutech was also demoing an AR app that is able to scan a bike and connect to a service database, to help remind the owner when something needs replacing or servicing. We’ve got more details of the Fanes and the rest of the Alutech range here.

hope e-bike crankset
Hope’s e-Bike crankset will be available for all popular e-Bike systems.

Hope e-Bike Cranks And V6 6 Pot Brakes

Hope didn’t to many new items on display at Eurobike. What they did show us though are these aftermarket e-Bike cranks which they are working on. The plan is to offer them with the correct fitting splines for all popular e-Bike drive systems so Browse, Shimano, Bosch etc.

Hope V6 6 piston brakes
Hope V6 6-piston brakes on show but still not available.

The 6-piston V6 was also shown at Eurobike, but we’re still no closer to seeing this big brake launch as Hope wants to make it significantly more powerful than what they’re already offering with the V4.

We did have a good chat with Alan fom Hope about what they have in store for the future, and while we can’t reveal any details we do know that they have a bunch of cool products in the pipeline.

tune laser alignment tool
Tune’s laser alignment tool.

Tune Laser Dropout Alignment Tool

Tune has taken it’s laser-equipped alignment measuring tool concept and turned it into a product that it will be selling. This final version of the tool is now completely turned in-house which is a much more simple process than CNC machining and dripping and has meant that retail pricing is set at around 150 Euros.

tune laser alignment tool
This tool can show alignment in all gears for ultimate precision.

The tool is fitted with a Torx bit that sits into the rear derailleur pivot bolt. From there you can use the laser to check the alignment of the rear mech in every gear to ensure a super accurate shift.

Tune were eager to point out that while this tool has been designed to be strong, it hasn’t been designed to actually bend your mech hanger into position, so don’t fit it to your old steel bike and start hanging from it. Tune also hinted that if this product proves to be popular we might see more laser equipment arriving in stores in the future.

German-A Xcite Zero
The German-A Xcite Zero fork weigh just 998g.

German-A Xcite Zero 998g Suspension Fork

The Xcite Zero is the latest lightweight telescopic fork from German company German-A. The high-tech fork uses all the usual advanced materials we are used to seeing on fancy lightweight products, CNC machining, carbon legs and arches e.t.c to make a fork that weighs less than 1000g.

This 998g version is for 27.5in wheels and has 120mm of air-sprung suspension with German-A’s own I.I.A.S damping technology. 36mm stanchions are massive for a lightweight XC fork but are great for tracking through rock gardens and nasty root sections.

German-A Xcite Zero
Although lightweight, the Xcite Zero has huge 36mm stanchions.

German-A also offers the Xcite Zero in 26in and 29in versions and 100mm of travel, in addition, the company also has a range of super lightweight rear shocks and even makes a couple of linkage forks too.

No more olives!
No more olives!

Speedlink Reusable And Olive-Free Compression Nuts

Taiwanese brand Zeno has invented a reusable brake hose compression system that works on all brake systems. The Speedlink doesn’t use olives and can be reused so if you needed to trim down your hose you don’t need spares. It also converts your brake system to easy to source Shimano’s hose too.

Zeno hopes to sell the Speedlink to bike shops as s spare/service item, but they will also be available to customers too.

“Flip-over” is a common problem in Korea

“No More Flip Over” Universal ABS For All Disc Brake Systems

OutBraker is a Korean Anti-Lock-Brake device that will fit to your existing disc brake system. Its “No More Flip Over” solution is basically an adjustable valve that fits between your brake caliper and lever giving you manual control over the amount of force that’s exerted when braking.

Outbraker no more flip over
The Outbraker compatible with any hydraulic disc brake system.

Once plumbed into the end of your brake lever you can adjust the valve via the built-in dial to get set brake modulation how you like and prevent your front wheel from locking up even when you really give it a good old tug.

Outbraker no more flip over
With a few clicks of the dial brake forces are reduced.

It’s not really a system we expect to see appear on many mountain bikes in the near future, but it looks like a great safety feature that can be fitted to commuter or rental bikes to stop less experienced riders from having an over the bars moment.

Outbraker 2
This variant of the Outbraker plumbs two brakes into 1 lever.

The OutBraker is available as another variant without adjustable ABS, that lets you connect both front and rear disc brake calipers to a single lever. This is great for riders who can only use 1 hand when braking, and we expect it can also be used on kids bikes, and perhaps recumbents and other alternative forms of transport.

Oro 12-speed drivetrain from Taiwan.
Oro 12-speed drivetrain from Taiwan.

Oro 12-Speed Drivetrain

Taiwanese brand Oro had it’s very own 12-speed drivetrain on display. The 600 series drivetrain comprises of a rear derailleur, shifter, crankset and 12-speed cassette. The cassette is available with optional 46t, 50t, or 52t, main sprocket and both gold and jet black options are available.

Oro 12-speed drivetrain from Taiwan.
Jet black or gold?

It’s unlikely that we’ll see the drivetrain available aftermarket but budget bikes might come with this shiny 1×12 out of the box.

So what will it be? Would you like a review of the “No more flip over” ABS system, do you want to see more from Intend, or do you have a soft spot for fancy tools and lasers? Let us know in the comment section below!

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