This Is Not A Joke! Ibis Launches Adjustable Handlebars!

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Each year at April Fools we see stories of adjustable handlebars, but the joke is now officially over with the launch of the new Ibis handlebar system.

The Ibis adjustable handlebar is basically a 750mm carbon that can be used as is, or ‘extended’ with the use of aluminium inserts that thread into the ends.

Ibis Lofi hifi adjustable carbon handlebar -2
Ibis Lofi Hi-Fi adjustable carbon handlebar.

Out of the box, the inserts add 50mm to the overall length of the bar, meaning that you can experiment with different handlebar sizes without having to worry about chopping down your expensive hardware.

If the two 25mm inserts are just a tad too long you can chop these down instead so fine-tuning your bar width is still possible, and if you messed it up all you would need is a new set of $15 inserts to get back to full 800mm length again. We suppose there could be an option in the future that could even bring the bars to over 800mm, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Inserts can be removed to experiment with bar width and can even be cut down.

Ibis has created 2 versions of the bar, a Lo-Fi with 10mm rise and Hi-Fi with a taller 30mm rise. Each carbon is 31.8mm only and is pretty lightweight. The Hi-Fi weighs 249g while the Lo-Fi comes in at 238g. Each bar has a 9 upsweep, 5 backsweep.

Interestingly for a handlebar, Ibis is giving these carbon bars the same length warranty as they do with its carbon frames! A full 7-year warranty is pretty much unheard of for a bar, but it will only cover manufacturing defects.

With the inserts removed the carbon bar is 750mm wide.

Customers choosing to by an XT lever or higher Ibis complete bike will receive these new bars as standard, and they’ll also be available aftermarket for at £169.99. Would you like to see a review of these bars? Then let us know in the comments section below.

Comments (7)

    Haven’t ODI been doing this for years?

    I was hoping it was ‘on the fly’ adjustment. Be sick for those narrow tree sections! 🙂

    I 3D printed some push in inserts for mine, added 10mm each side.

    Carbon bars seem to have go a lot heavier! Still running some EC90s at 99grams on my commuter….

    Love the Idea! will give the 3D printing thing a go at somepoint to see what the 800 thing is all about!

    I was looking at the extended motorbike bar end plugs for doing this and then using some clamp on grips onto the extended bar end. In the end I decided I like my teeth too much, this looks like a much more secure way of doing it than an expanding plug!

    re. the EC90’s – how wide are they though? narrow (by todays standards) and XC use bars very different to 780mm+ bars for harder use.

    surely you can just run your grips ‘off’ for that extra 25mm.?

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