Swedish Huldr A1 Converts From Gearbox DH Bike To 920w e-Beast

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We can’t believe that it was only yesterday that we discovered the Kinetic Works Quintessenz, a bike that can easily have it’s BB linkage plates swapped so that either a Pinion gearbox or e-Bike motor can be fitted, now today we find another bike with a similar concept.

The Swedish made Huldr A1 currently only exists as a handmade carbon fibre frame and each one is crafted by company founder Artur. He and a few of his friends got together 3 years ago with the idea of a downhill bike that can be used at Sweden’s various bike parks during the summer, then be converted to a powerful e-Bike for winter snowmobile trail shredding.

Huldr A1 Prototype
The Huldr A1 in downhill mode.

The A1 is the result of their collective hard work and at Eurobike, Huldr had both a Pinion gearbox driven downhill bike and single crown e-Bike on show.

Huldr A1 Prototype
Are you looking forward to production versions?

Both of these machines use the same front and rear triangles, so if you buy one you can build the other with additional parts.

Huldr A1 Prototype
Simple single pivot suspension system.

The suspension is based around a single pivot design driving a coil shock for a full 200mm of rear wheel travel. Geometry can be adjusted by either turning around a flip chip located at the lower shock mount or by using an angle set. The dual crown bike shown in these photos sports a 64º head angle.

Huldr A1 Prototype
Adjustable geometry.

The idea of being able to swap geometry is so that users can choose to build the A1 with a shorter travel single crown fork, but we imagine that most riders attracted by such a bike will stick with a full-on downhill fork.

Huldr A1 Prototype
The Huldr A1 in the mode which is most likely to get you angry.

As the design is so versatile the A1 could be built with a standard bottom bracket and rear derailleur, or a hub gear, but as high powered e-Bikes are popular in Sweden, Huldr offers a German-sourced TQ motor upgrade.

The TQ motor is available in street legal 250w models, but a high-powered 920w version is available to anyone who is willing to try it, just keep in mind that you’ll need a license plate, insurance, and a full-face helmet if you do go down that road.

Huldr is currently in talks with Hungarian factories to bring the A1 to full production with an estimated price tap of between 6,000 – 6,500 Euros.

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