Giro Riddance flat pedal shoe review

Review: The Giro Riddance flat pedal shoe uses a Vibram Megagrip sole for #flatpedalthunder

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Brand new from Giro for 2018 is the Riddance – a flat pedal specific shoe that comes into the range one step above Giro’s current Jacket shoe.

Designed for aggressive riders, the Riddance was developed in collaboration with top-class trail and freeride legends Kurt Sorge, Carson Storch and Graham Agassiz. With those big names linked to the Riddance, this is a shoe that should be tough enough for big mountain riding, jumps, hucks and smashing into rocks.

Giro offers the Riddance in two versions. The Riddance Mid, which has a higher cut design and an additional Velcro strap for a little more ankle support, and the standard Riddance that I’ve been testing shown here.

Giro Riddance flat pedal shoe review
Skater style flat pedal shoe for hard riding.

We’ve tested and reviewed the Giro Jacket before, and while it proved to be a great-fitting shoe, we weren’t big fans of the thick and stiff sole, which also wasn’t the grippiest around.

Giro has gone back to the drawing board with the Riddance though, and its latest collaboration with Vibram has resulted in what it claims to be “the stickiest shoe compound they have ever launched” (sic). Vibram calls this compound Megarip™ ISR, and in addition to grip it also list “best-in-class vibration damping” as a major feature of the rubber too. Will it be as comfortable as the dual compound Pearl Izumi X-ALP or tacky as Five Ten’s Stealth compound though?

Giro Riddance Flat Pedal Shoe Features

  • Water-resistant breathable microfiber upper
  • New Megarip™ ISR rubber outsole
  • EVA Midsole
  • Lace-up design
  • Rubber toe and heel reinforcements
  • Molded DH EVA footbeds with arch support
  • Also available in a women’s version (EU 36-42)
  • Sizes available: EU 40-48
  • Colours: Red (tested), Black, Blue
  • RRP: £109.99
Giro Riddance flat pedal shoe review
Giro teamed up with Vibram for the sole of the Riddance.
Giro Riddance flat pedal shoe review
This simple lace keeper is a great feature every shoe should have.

The skate shoe inspired upper is manufactured from a water-resistant, breathable microfibre and holds your foot securely in place by a traditional lace system. There are 3 colour options to choose from including Blue Jewel, Dark Shadow and, Dark Red (tested here). The black panels at the front and rear of the shoe are reinforced Rockprint™ to fend off strikes and knocks.

Right out of the box, the Dark Red Giro Riddance are very distinctive with a ‘dark’ red that’s actually really quite brilliant. If you’re not a fan of bright and loud then you can always opt for the Dark Shadow option, but then again, after a few rides and a little dirt, the bright red becomes much more subdued.

It’s important to try before you buy with any shoe, but more so with the Giro Riddance. In a Five Ten, or even a pair of Vans, I’m usually a size EU 42.5-43, and I’d say that I have wider than average feet, so I’m pretty glad we were sent a pair of EU 44 size shoes to test as the Riddance is a little on the narrow side.

Giro Riddance flat pedal shoe review
If you have wide feet it would be wise to try before you buy.

It’s worth remembering this when lacing the Riddance up too. On my first ride, I went for my usual tug of the laces for a snug fit, but soon into the ride I was really suffering. Releasing the tension on the laces was all that was needed to give my feet some room and allow blood to flow again. It’s obvious that ‘tight means tight’, but if you’ve got particularly wide feet, then it can mean ‘painfully tight’ with a Giro shoe. Thankfully the Riddance remains secure with a less exuberant lace-up regime.

With no velcro strap to keep your laces away from the oily parts of your bike, Giro has added a simple elastic lace keeper on the tongue of the shoe. A small loop is sewn into it for ease of use with gloves, and the elastic is more than adequate enough to keep your laces from flapping about.

Giro Riddance flat pedal shoe review

So how do they grip on the trail? Does Vibram’s Megagrip compound offer a similar level of traction as Five Ten’s Stealth rubber compound?

Simply put, no it doesn’t, but that can actually be a benefit. There are times when riding in Five Ten shoes when I feel locked in position, the shoe grips so strongly that my foot isn’t really where I want it to be but adjusting it on the fly just won’t happen. With the Vibram Megagrip sole, I get the right level of traction and “float”, allowing me to adjust my position while on the move, and easily allow a foot out when going flat out.

Giro Riddance flat pedal shoe review
The Vibram sole is proving to be durable.

Inside the Riddance you’ll find internally moulded footbeds, which feature in-built arch support for improved comfort and balance. The full-length midsole (also made by EVA) offers support and aids with dampening out trail buzz, but they aren’t quite as good as the Pearl Izumi X-Alp I tested earlier in the year. It’s worth noting that the sole of the Giro Riddance is wearing a lot better with only a few marks here and there, and I’m confident they’ll last much longer.

The microfibre upper is also pretty hardwearing with only a few scuffs showing here and there where one stubborn rock decided it wasn’t going to be kicked out of the way. This was also a good test of the tough construction of the shoe and the welcome amount of protection there is on offer.

Giro Riddance flat pedal shoe review
The only damage after a very hefty rock strike.

The water resistant quality also seems to work well, although I’ve only been able to test it through puddles and in the very light rain. This current sun and dust is just terrible, isn’t it? This heat though has given me ample time to test the breathability of the shoe, and I’d rate them above any Five Ten for this and are certainly my preferred shoe when riding in our current climate.

What we loved about the Giro Riddance Shoe

  • Long lasting sole
  • Durable upper
  • Handy lace keeper

What we could be improved on the Giro Riddance Shoe

  • If you have wide feet you may need to size up and not tighten the Riddance as much as you’re used to
  • Vibration damping is good, but not on par with the dual compound Pearl Izumi X-Alp
  • Some riders might miss the gooey traction of Five Ten’s Stealth compound
Giro Riddance flat shoe review
Dark Red matches the Mondraker Foxy RR.


I don’t have uber wide feet, but if I did I imagine the narrower fit of the Giro Riddance being a real issue. With some adjustment after my initial ride, I’ve gotten along well with the Riddance. I’m more than happy with the level of grip on offer, and am really impressed by the long-lasting sole. If you’re fed up with replacing sticky shoes all the time, then put these on your list.

The tough upper also inspires confidence, not only in the durability and lifetime of the shoe, but also the added protection that they offer when riding tricky rocky terrain.

All in all a great, hardwearing shoe, perfect for rocky terrain and hard riding.

Review Info

Brand: Giro
Product: Riddance
From: Zyrofisher,
Price: £109.99
Tested: by Andi Sykes for 3 months

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