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Fresh Kit For Your Kids: New shoes, packs, helmets & the tiniest back protector

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There’s pleasure to be had in pulling on nice riding kit – and practicality too. Protective elements, fabric that won’t rip or chafe, and ventilation in all the right places can all make a ride much more comfortable. So while it’s easy to think that your children grow too fast to justify buying them ride specific kit beyond a helmet, we should also remember that their rides can still be improved by careful choice of ride wear, and they’re more likely to share your joy of riding if they are actually having fun. While we still didn’t manage to spot a proper children’s winter cycling glove in the whole of Eurobike, we did see a whole bunch of other kit for kids that may or may not be worth the investment, depending on the amount and style of riding your offspring are doing.

Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau
Clip-in kicks for kids
Louis Garneau
Child friendly Velcro.

This brand has been working with Little Bellas in the USA, and as a result they’ve seen a demand for a clip-in platform pedal compatible shoe. EU sizes 34-38 will cost $100, while the adult size 38-38 is $110 or $160 with a BOA. At those prices many might struggle to justify buying them for a child’s fast growing feet, but potentially if you’re in a club where there’s plenty of demand, there’s room for some second hand resale.

Five Ten

So cute, yet practical.

Five Ten has been doing flat pedal shoes for kids from a UK children’s size 10 for some time, but the range has now been extended and stops at a UK size 5.5 – much further than the previous size 2. At £55 a pair, these are cheaper than the adult shoes, and we suspect some small footed adults might also want to take advantage of the lower priced kids’ option.


Now you can have a mini-me in matching kit.

There were quite a few items in the Alpinestars children’s range, but these tough moto style items caught our eye. The shorts and pants are pretty stiff, so we don’t think you’d want to do much pedalling in them, but if you’ve got an airborne child who likes to thrash round jumps then you might well be glad of the opportunity to save other clothes from being trashed. The jersey matches the adults’ range, and we rather like the retro vibe they’re rocking.


Super small back protector.

Sadly not available in the UK, this teeny tiny back protector is by the German brand Amplifi. The XS size on display should fit a child of around six years old – again, it’s not a piece of kit we imagine everyone would use, but if your kids are tackling bike parks, jumps and steep descents, this might give a parent a bit of piece of mind.


Dinky sized hydration pack with room for a small jacket too.

This Uptake hydration pack comes in sizes for all the family, including a 4 litre short bodied option that should fit a child aged 7 and up. Any parent who has watched with horror as their child weaves towards the canal while reaching for a bottle will be able to appreciate why this pack might be a Very Good Thing.


endura helmet mt500 koroyd
Not the production colour…shame!

While not ready for production, Endura is set to take its distinctive MT500 helmet and turn it into a kids’ version. With more kids taking up mountain biking and riding more capable bikes on more technical trails, Endura sees the need for higher quality protection to meet those emerging demands. Despite the high-tech construction, Endura is working with Koroyd to bring the price down from the adult’s version, and is planning to sell these for £75.

It’s great to see such an increase in the availability of good mountain biking kit for children. Long may it continue!

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