Poll: Where Do You Keep Your Bike?

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Its new poll day today and while we wanted to ask something silly like “When was the last time you dressed like hip-hop sensation Kriss Kross?” our good sense has gotten the better of us.

Today we’re asking where you keep your bike when you’re not riding, cleaning or fixing it? We think we’ve covered the most obvious answers such as in your shed, garage, kitchen, bedroom etc but if you fall under another category just hit the ‘other’ answer and add a comment below.

Where do you keep your bike?

  • In the garage (41%, 98 Votes)
  • In the shed (19%, 46 Votes)
  • In a spare room (19%, 45 Votes)
  • Other (16%, 38 Votes)
  • In the kitchen (3%, 7 Votes)
  • In my bedroom (3%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 240

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The reason we’re asking this is that one of the Singletrack Team recently had their shed broken into and is now minus 1 bike, 1 frame, and a few parts, and he needs to now convince his wife that all bikes should live in their bedroom.

Your answers will quite literally change the life of one of our team, and anger his loving wife. It’s probably the most important Poll we’ve ever run! #biggerthanbrexit

And as a thank you for taking part…..

Comments (19)

    That’s it, for most it’s the garage so I’m going to build an underground bunker with retina recognition software.

    My mtbs live in the garage, but I keep my Tripster in the front room. I do live alone though 😀

    Should there not be an ‘in the cellar’ option?

    Can’t see the answer “In the dog shed guarded by my dogs”.
    Shed will have to do…

    I keep a couple in the shed, and a couple in my van, (which is also in many ways a ‘shed’) I know neither are hugely secure, but my logic is that if either one if broken into, others are in a different location so it’s less likely they will all go at the same time.

    “but my logic is that if either one if broken into, others are in a different location so it’s less likely they will all go at the same time.”

    Unless they use your van to empty the shed?

    Mostly in the dining room, but voted ‘other’. Occasionally in the garage.

    New bike will be full time dining or living room.

    voted shed but I also employ the two shed strategy – one of which is an Asgard metal job – on the basis that half the fleet might survive a raid. That said, about to move house and the plan is to put the bikes in the metal shed in the garage. But all this makes me wonder where do all the stolen bikes go?

    I keep all mine in the Cellar..
    Perfect place IMHO.

    I ticked ‘shed’, but actually the bikes are in one of the big steel asgard bike stores similar to the one pictured in this article. It’s in my yard and quite visible and easily accessed from the back road but have never had any problems with people trying to get in there (thankfully).

    Hallway, dining room, son’s bedroom and (the best one in) my bedroom! Most tolerant missus ever

    I keep most of each of my bikes in the garage. Sold Secure Gold locked to floor anchors. And I keep the front wheels in my cellar. It is an inconvenience that stops me doing some of those ‘I’ll just pop out on my bike’ rides that I’d like to.

    Not just paranoid, but reacting to some scrotes breaking in about a year ago and stealing my cross bike and my SO’s MTB which were locked up to the garage’s metal struts with coil locks.

    Garage, each of them locked to a ground or wall anchor. I can’t guarantee that a thief won’t steal them but I can make it difficult for them.

    Vague poll….which bike? Hardtail is in the shed with the 2 kids bikes, full suss sits in the hall (as it’s tiled).

    I’m not absolutely sure where my man keeps my bikes, but I believe the mountain bike is in the East Wing undercroft while my road bike lives in the gun room.

    That’ll be “other”, then.

    We got 10 bikes in the household. 5 of mine, 5 of hers.
    3 roadbikes live on the livingroom wall – one mine, 2 of hers – one of which is a steel Tommasini, so it is kind of like art for some people.

    Then usually two bikes are on the balcony (2nd floor and has locked glass windows) – now one mountainbike and one mens coaster bike. One by the entrance door, three more in the garage and one in the shared bike storage room 🙂

    I would also say that it seems like n+1 works great for couples, as long as n+1 is the same for both!

    Traditionally I’ve always known my spare room as ‘the bike room’ but an unavoidable and unplanned move is going to force me to use a shed for the first time in ten years… admittedly, more a brick built outbuilding than a shed but still enough of a security drop to send me scuttling for insurance quotes…

    Poll doesn’t seem to be available to phone browsers?

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