Peter Sagan: Roadie, Mountain Biker, And Possibly Cat?

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Peter Sagan, surely one of the best riders we’ve ever seen (though arguably not quite as good as Pauline Ferrand-Prevot), has posted this video which has all us in the office making the kind of noises that we’d probably make if we tried this.

Before you say ‘hold my beer’ and attempt to tackle some of these moves yourself, just take a moment to consider the level of conditioning it takes to do this kind of thing. He’s managing to be incredibly strong, at the same time as showing levels of flexibility usually displayed by gymnasts. Boggling. Oh, and he’s obviously got good cardio and aerobic fitness too since he manages to race a few hundred miles of road racing and then sprint at the end too. Blimey. It’s no wonder he’s pretty handy on a mountain bike too.

Flip. Blimey. Heck.

Are augmented hamstrings a thing? Is he actually human? Is he part cat? It might explain the hair.

Ignore the splits, check out the guy on the right not quite managing the same levels of awesomeness as Sagan.

It must be a pretty miserable experience being in the gym with Sagan. Look at the guy on the left with his head in his hands. He’s thinking he may as well give up and go home.

You know you’re a mountain biker at heart when you wear a GoPro for EVERYTHING.

Top mountain bikers are no strangers to gruelling gym work either – we’ve seen Nino Schurter doing some pretty bonkers stuff before. So who would win Ninja Warrior? Schurter or Sagan? Now there’s a duel we’d like to see.

We’re off to ice a few ligaments and have a post workout pie.

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    Good range of motion on the Jefferson Curl….

    Eek! I’d be intimidated off the start line by that!

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