Limited Edition Singletrack Lifetime Subscriptions – available now!

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Life subscriptions have been extremely popular each time we release a batch. The convenience of never having to renew your subscription, the joy of the cost never increasing, and the invitations to reader rides and awards may be a few reasons why.

Each Lifetime Subscription comes with a T-shirt, mug and sticker set.

Other exclusive benefits include:

  • A lifetime’s worth of Singletrack Magazine posted to your door;
  • Digital editions of all future issues of Singletrack Magazine;
  • Digital access to all back-issues going back to 2001;
  • Ability to disable all ads on our website for faster, clutter free browsing;
  • Exclusive downloadable digital books;
  • Singletrack Premier Member’s card offering savings and subscriber only deals with top bike businesses;
  • An exclusive merchandise welcome pack including ‘Lifer’ T-shirt, mug, & stickers;
  • Invites to purchase tickets to our special ‘Lifer’ events such as our annual Reader Awards evening;
  • Invites to our ‘Lifer’ guided tour days where staff will guide you around our favourite bike testing trails;
  • The latest issue of Singletrack will be included in your welcome pack;
  • No Direct Debits – No repeat billing. Just a simple, single one time only payment.
coffee mark
If you’re lucky, you’ll get latte art!

To further tempt you, this year we have introduced a new and exclusive benefit. Forget about the free merchandise, discounts at our Premier Dealer stores and everything else listed above. We now have an open door policy for lifetime subscribers. Swing by for a coffee and an office tour!

You’ll be invited to our Reader Awards. Mingle with people from the industry, eat great food, drink all the beer.
Trade Day Reader Awards Ride
Reader ride disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the weather.

Batch #5 is on sale now, and remember we only have a limited number available so don’t miss this chance! Lifetime Subscriptions are priced at £349 – if you’re interested head over to the Singletrack online shop now. This offer is only available to UK subscriptions.

Click here to be sent to our Singletrack shop!

Comments (9)

    This always goes live when I’m skint. Grr. Next time

    I’ve been a reader since the days of GoFar and an early subscriber so signing up for life seemed like a sensible next step! Certainly haven’t regretted it. The coffee at Singletrack Towers was great and the ride was fun – both because the trails are good and because the company, both other lifers and staffers, was congenial. Swag was nice too – but I have to keep the t-shirt for ‘best’.

    Recommended. Tea tastes better from a ‘Lifer’ mug, and the awards night food+beer was pretty damn good.

    My t-shirt is also kept for best, along with my “Ipswich Town Wembley 2000” t-shirt. One day I may slim in to it.

    It was worth the lifer membership fee just to meet all the lovely staff….and Mark 😉

    As instructed by Chipps just noting that the coffee is awful and they get lost on every ride. but – and this is my own addition – you do get to eat your own weight in fish and chips, which is a nice end to the day. Plus if you are just now considering joining a gang, It’s a very congenial gang to be part of.

    How many lifers are there now?

    If I had the money, I’d do it. I just don’t have the money. Sorry guys.

    Does the release of each ‘batch’ correspond to a cash flow crisis?

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